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Fisher US People

US History Regents Review Important People

Frederick Douglass Escaped slave who became abolitionist leader of the American Anti-Slavery Society
John Brown Abolitionist who attempted to start a slave uprising in Virginia. Arrested and hanged for treason
William Lloyd Garrison Abolitionist, founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society and publisher of The Liberator newspaper
Andrew Carnegie Wealthy capitalist, owned steel monopoly
John D Rockefeller Wealthy capitalist, owned Standard Oil Company monopoly
John Hay Secretary of State who persuaded Europe to keep an Open Door Policy for US trade in China
Samuel Gompers Founded American Federation of Labor union to support better working conditions
Upton Sinclair Muckraker, wrote The Jungle exposing the meat packing industry
Jacob Riis Muckraker, photographer and writer of How the Other Half Lives exposing life in tenement housing
Ida Tarbell Muckraker who revealed monopolistic, abusive practices of Standard Oil Company
Lincoln Steffens Muckraker, wrote Shame of the Cities about political corruption in St. Louis
Frank Norris Muckraker, wrote The Octopus about railroad monopolies in California
Franz Ferdinand Archduke of Austria-Hungary whose assassination in 1914 led to the start of WWI
Sacco and Vanzetti Italian immigrants executed for murder, evidence was questionable and stemmed from nativism
John Scopes Science teacher convicted and fined for violating Tennessee law by teaching evolution
Adolf Hitler Fascist dictator of Germany during WWII
Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance author
Booker T Washington Civil rights leader who supported economic equality for blacks and whites through vocational training and jobs
W.E.B. Dubois Civil rights leader who supported immediate equality and higher education for blacks
Susan B Anthony Fought for women's suffrage, formed national Woman Suffrage Association along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Fought for women's suffrage, formed national Woman Suffrage Association along with Susan B Anthony
Robert Oppenheimer Head of secret Manhattan Project to invent nuclear weapons during Cold War
Douglas MacArthur Colonel during WWII and Korean War. Fired by Truman for planning to push North Korean troops into China
Joseph McCarthy Senator whose hunt for communists in the government ruined the lives of many people with false accusations
Alger Hiss Government official investigated by HUAC for being a Soviet spy, sent to prison for perjury
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Couple executed for being spies and passing atomic secrets to the Soviet Union
Orval Faubus Governor of Arkansas who refused to obey Brown v Board of Ed Supreme Court decision to integrate schools
Martin Luther King, Jr Black civil rights activist who supported civil disobedience to achieve equality for blacks
Malcolm X Black civil rights activist who opposed integration and advocated separate racial identity for blacks
Rosa Parks Black woman who refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white person, her arrest led to Montgomery Bus Boycott
Cesar Chavez Organized United Farm Workers union to achieve better working conditions for farmworkers
Betty Friedan Leader of women's rights movement, author of The Feminine Mystique and founder of National Organization for Women
Rachel Carson Wrote Silent Spring about the impact of pesticides and fertilizers on the environment
Oliver North Colonel fired for 1986 Iran-Contra affair, selling weapons to Iran and using money to aid Contra rebels in Nicaragua
Saddam Hussein Leader of Iraq, attacked Kuwait, leading to Persian Gulf War, tried and executed for crimes against humanity
Osama bin Laden Organized Al Qaeda terrorist attacks against US on 9/11/01. Captured and killed by US Marines
George Washington 1st President. Set precedents: two year term limit, Cabinet
Thomas Jefferson 3rd President. Main author of Declaration of Independence, made Louisiana Purchase
John Adams 2nd President. Helped write Declaration of Independence
John Locke Enlightenment philosopher, natural rights theory, influenced foundation of democracy in US
John Marshall Supreme Court Chief Justice, established judicial review, strengthened powers of federal government
Alexander Hamilton First Secretary of Treasury, supported national banking system
Andrew Jackson 7th President. Known for Spoils System, signed Indian Removal Act.
Dred Scott Slave who argued for his freedom after living in free states, Court declared slaves to be property, not citizens.
Abraham Lincoln 16th President, led during Civil War, signed Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves in Confederacy
Andrew Johnson President after Lincoln's assassination, supported amnesty for the South after Civil War
Homer Plessy Arrested for refusing to obey segregation law on train, Supreme Court ruled "separate but equal" was constitutional
Adam Smith Wrote Wealth of Nations supporting capitalism and laissez-faire economics
Theodore Roosevelt 26th President, supported environmental conservation and control of monopolies, used Big Stick policy in Latin America
Woodrow Wilson 28th President, led country during WWI, proposed 14 point to achieve world peace
John Scopes Science teacher convicted of violating Tennessee law by teaching evolution
Charles Schenck Opposed draft in WWI, arrested for violating Espionage Act, court ruled free speech can be restricted during war.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Supreme Court Chief Justice, ruled free speech can be restricted if it creates a "clear and present danger"
Warren Harding 29th President, promoted Return to Normalcy, Teapot Dome Scandal weakened public opinion of government
Calvin Coolidge 30th President, supported laissez-faire economics during Roaring 20's, stock market grows
Herbert Hoover 31st President. Great Depression begins, supported "rugged individualism" and laissez-faire trickle down theory.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 32nd President elected to 4 terms, led during Great Depression, offered New Deal to fix economy, WWII begins
Harry S Truman 33rd President. Authorized use of atomic bombs against Japan to end WWII
John F Kennedy 35th President. Supported black civil rights, created Peace Corps
Dwight D Eisenhower 34th President. Enforced integration in Arkansas, supported aid to the Middle East and SE Asia based on Domino Theory
Earl Warren Supreme Court Justice whose rulings supported rights of the accused
Lyndon Johnson 36th President. Signed 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination in public places, work, and voter registration
Richard Nixon 37th President. Created OSHA and EPA, resigned to avoid impeachment after Watergate Scandal
Gerald Ford 38th President. Only person to become President without being elected, faced oil embargo and inflation
Jimmy Carter 39th President. Organized Camp David Accords peace treaty between Egypt and Israel
Ronald Reagan 40th President
George Bush 41st President. Cold War ends, US enters Persian Gulf War against Iraq.
Bill Clinton 42nd President. Strong economy, impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice but acquitted
George HW Bush 43rd President. 9/11 terrorist attacks led to creation of Department of Homeland Security and signing of Patriot Act
Barack Obama 44th President. First black president, "Obamacare" policy established to provide universal healthcare
Thomas Paine Wrote Common Sense to encourage American independence
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