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The Civil War

Chapter 16 sections 1-5

What did the Union call their 187,000 soldiers? Yankees
What did the confederacy call their 112,000 soldiers? Rebels
How were the conditions of the camps soldiers were held in? The camps were filled with a pleasant amount of songs, letters, and baseball games. There were drills, bad food, marches, and rain.
Who proclaimed blockades on all Southern Ports? President Lincoln
What is a blockade? Blockades prevented the South from trading or receiving goods, etc.
The confederates rebuilt an abandoned warship and clad it iron so that it could withstand cannon fire. What was this ship called? The Merrimack
What events took place at the Battle of Bull Run? A lot of fighting took place and Civilians came to watch
What was The Monitor? A steel ship built by the Union which battled the Confederates' steel ship
Who was Frederick Douglass? An Abolitionist and former slave
Which woman left home to become a nurse on the Confederate side? Kate Cumming
Who was the first female soldier? Mary Edwards Walker
Which woman disguised herself as a man so she could fight in War? Loretta Janeta Valazquez
What were the conditions like in Prison Camps? Prisoners were allowed to keep a blanket and a cup. Horrible conditions. Many died from starvation, etc.
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