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Cold War Era

Cold War

Cold War a military and political struggle between communism (USSR) and democracy (USA), which is characterized by tension but NO ACTUAL FIGHTING
communism form of government in which the government controls all resources of a country and makes economic decisions for the people
democracy form of government in which the people elect representatives to make decisions about resources for the country
"Iron Curtain" invisible political barrier that divided communist Eastern Europe with democratic Western Europe; coined by Churchill
Marshall Plan American idea to give massive aid to European countries so that that democracy would look more attractive than communism
Truman Doctrine President Truman's plan to contain communism by giving aid and support to countries threatened by Communism
containment a policy of trying to prevent the spread of communist influence
domino theory the belief that if one country fell to communism, it wouldn't be long before another fell, then another, then another....
Berlin Blockade Soviet effort to gain control of West Berlin by starving the population
Berlin Airlift U.S. response to the Berlin Blockade; flew planes over blockade to give food and supplies to the people of West Berlin
Berlin Wall concrete wall put up by the USSR to separate the communist and democratic sides of Berlin
Joseph McCarthy U.S. senator that spread panic that the US would be taken over by communists; many constitutional rights of Americans were violated because of this
Korean War United Nations vs. North Korea and China; attempt to stop the spread of communism into South Korea
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization; western European allies with the U.S. that were against communism
Warsaw Pact eastern European allies with USSR that wanted to spread communism
Baby Boom period of time after WWII when there was a massive growth in the birth rate (aka. a lot of babies were born!)
G.I. Bill a bill passed by Harry Truman after WWII that gave veterans financial assistance for finding jobs, buying houses, and getting an education
Levittown one example of new housing developments created after WWII
United Nations replaced the League of Nations from WWI, aimed at promoting world peace
Red Scare massive hunt for communists; Joseph McCarthy was responsible for leading the hunt
Joseph McCarthy a U.S. senator who led a massive hunt for communist spies in America during the Cold War
Mao Zedong set up a communist government in China
38th Parallel the line where Korea was split between communist (North) and democracy (South); result of the Korean War
Created by: Mrs.Rizzo