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Final Exam Review

Texas History

Sam Houston first and third president of Texas
Charles Goodnight established the first Cattle Ranch in Texas
Stephen F. Austin First Empressario of Texas--brought the Old 300
James K. Polk President of USA during Manifest Destiny
prohibition banning alcohol
suffrage right to vote
Hector P. Garcia fought for Hispanic rights
Oveta Culp Hobby first woman Army officer
Audie Murphy most decorated WWII military hero
Dorie Miller African American military hero
Dwight Eisenhower commander of allied troops during WWII
Rosa Parks fought for Civil Rights---refused to give up her seat on the bus
Lyndon B. Johnson president who passed the Civil Rights Act
Woodrow Wilson president during WWI
Franklin Delano Roosevelt president during WWII and creator of the New Deal
reason for Dust Bowl severe drought and poor farming techniques
cause of World War I assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand
reason for USA entry into WWI Zimmerman telegram
cause of WWII Hitler attacked Poland
reason America entered WWII bombing of Pearl Harbor
cause of the Great Depression Stock Market Crash of 1929
Which amendment guaranteed women the right to vote 19th amendment
reason for windmills to get water from underground
huge reason for the end of the open range barbed wire
what caused boomtowns in Texas the discovery of oil
one result of WWII women worked in nontraditional jobs
Created by: Mreyff
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