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Stuff To Not Fuck Up On Again From Practice Test 1

Chirals Centers Are: sp3 hybridized and attached to 4 different compounds
Valine Has A Nitrogen And Two O2 atoms that are capable of: H-bonding
Valine Forms A Dipolar Ion Under Appropriate Conditions And Is Capable Of: Dipole-dipole bonding
Gabriel Synthesis Substitutes An Amino Group For: A halogen on alkyl halides
Bomb Calorimetry Is An Inefficient Way To Determine: Bond energy
The Required Information Required For Bomb Calorimetry Includes: Mass of reactants, heat of formation of reactants, temp of products, temp of reactants, mass of calorimeter, specific heat of calorimeter, mass of water in colorimeter, and specific heat of water
In Order To Change Buoyance, You Would Have To Change The Mass In Order To Change: Specific gravity
A Decrease In CO2 Production Results In: More carbonic acid produced, which lowers pH
When An Organism Has Reduced O2 Access, Anaerobic Metabolism Dominates Which Produces: Lactic acid
Decrease In Leptin In An Organism Causes A: Decrease in food intake
Leptin Decreases: Plasma cortisol
Symptoms Of PTH: Bone density, calcitonin, PTH breakdown products
Hepatic Portal Vein Brings Blood From The Intestinal Tract To: The liver
Amount Of ATP Produced During Glycolysis Per Molecule Of ATP During Fermentation = 2 ATP
Endosymbiotic Theory: Explains the derivation of mitochondria in eukaryotic cells but does not explain the inheritance of mutation
During Cell Division At The 1-Cell Stage, The 1-Cell Zygote Becomes: An embryo and divides into 2 cells
Either One Of These Cells Can Become An Organism Because: Cleavage at this point is interdeterminate
Support For Endosymbiosis Includes The Three Facts That: Mitochondrial DNA is circular and not enclosed by a membrane. Many present bacteria live in eukaryotic cells and digest nutrients that their hosts cannot while sharing the energy they derive. Mito. DNA codes for its own ribosomal RNA.
High Temps Cause Enzyme Molecules To: Denature and causes a plateau and sharp decrease in reaction velocity.
An Increase In Entropy Results In: A decrease in Gibbs value
When Denaturation Of An Enzyme Is Complete, Enzyme Activity Is: Zero
Recombination Frequency Is Used To: Determine genetic distance but not physical distance
Neural Crest Is Derived From: Ectoderm cells that include adrenal medulla, schwann cells, and melanocytes
Regulator Gene For Gene Transcription Codes For: (Steps For What Happens Without Allolactose) For repressor molecule.
Operator Gene Is The Binding Site For: (Steps For What Happens Without Allolactose) Repressor molecule
When The Repressor Is Bound, RNA Polymerase Cannot Transcribe Past The: (Steps For What Happens Without Allolactose) Operator and the structural gene cannot be transcribed which codes for the desired protein
When The Inducer Is Present, The Repressor And Inducer: (Steps For What Happens Without Allolactose) Bind to each other, which allows the operator to be free and the RNA polymerase can transcribe the structural gene
When No Inducer Is Present, The Repressor:(Steps For What Happens Without Allolactose)(Steps For What Happens Without Allolactose) Binds to the operator and prevents RNA Polymerase from transcribing the eukaryotic gene
Microtubules Attach To Chromosomes At: Centromeres
Which Process Directly Produces GTP?: The Citric Acid Cycle
Basic AA's Charged At pH 7.4: Arginine and Lysine
Acidic Amino Acids Include: Aspartic Acid and Glutamic Acid
What Phase Of Mitosis Do Tubulin Polymers ShorteN?: Anaphase
The Fluid In the Bowman's Capsule Is Isotonic To: Plasma
Glucose Has A Higher Conc. In Dialyzing Fluid Than In: Plsama
RNA's Are The Site Of: Translation
Translation Involves mRNA Transcript Binding To A: Small ribosomal unit
Almost Every Base In Mitochondrial DNA Codes For: A product
Nuclear DNA Contains: Introns (non-coding regions) and exons (coding regions)
Group I & II Introns Are Unique Because They Are: Self-splicing and dot not involve protein enzymes in their splicing reactions
Endoderm Is Responsible For: Differential development of the epithelial linings of the idgestive and respiratory tracts, parts of the liver, pancrease, thyroid, and bladder
The Schachter-Singer Theory Says That Cognitive Interpretation Of The Arousal Is Necessary To: Experience emotion
Acetylcholine (ACH) Is Released By All: Preganglionic neurons of the autonomic nervous system, by all postganglionic neurons of the parasympathetic nervous system, and by those postganglionic neurons of the sympathetic nervous system that innvervate sweat glands.
Two-Factory Theory Of Emotion Says That In Addition To Physiological Arousal, Cognitive Interpretation Of The Arousal In the Context Of the Situation Is Required In Order To: Experience emotion
A Person With An External Locus Of Control Is Most Likely To Attribute Outcomes To: Environmental rather than personal issues
Motor Reflexes Are caused By Interactions Between: The peripheral nervous system and the spinal cord
Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Dictates That Higher Needs Do Not Produce: Drives until lower needs are met
A CBT Therapist Would See The Causes Of Disorder As: Stemming from the interactions between thoughts and behaviors
Independent Variables Involve: Input
Group Polarization Involves The Tendency Of A Group As A Whole To: Take a more extreme position than the individual points of views of members of the group
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Involves A Person making A Judgement Without: A reason and because of prior expectation
Self-Selection Bias Involves Groups That: Could be in dispute
Social Constructivism Is When A Therapist Works To Change Behavior By: Altering something that was constructed as an absolute in order to correct the problem
Ethnic Groups Emigrating To A More Industrialized Culture Typically Have: Larger families, but shorter lifespans initially
Shift In Signal Detection Is When People Who Are Reacting To A Stimulus Do Not: View it as alarming
Behaviorist Theory Includes The Idea That Behavior Is Based Upon: Reinforcement and punishment
Dissociative Disorder Is A Disorder In Which Those Affected Go Into A State That: Removes unpleasant memories
Observational Learning Refers To: Modeling behaviors by watching others
Fundamental Attribution Error Occurs When A Person Overestimates: The effect of a person's personality and underestimates the effect of the situation itself
Sensory Receptor Is An Afferent Nerve Ending That can: Pick up a sensory stimulus in the environment
Glutamate Receptor Is: A transmembrane protein receptor that plays a role in biosignalling
The Three Components Of Attitude Include: Affective (emotional), Behavioral (attitude which results in a tendency to behave in a certain manner), and cognitive (thoughts and beliefs)
Absolute Poverty Is A Level Of Poverty In Which An Individual Is: Unable to afford minimal standards of food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare
Relative Poverty Is A Level Of Poverty In Which An Individual earns Less: Than a predetermined income threshold that is relative to others in the population being studied
Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development Divides Cognitive Development Into The: Sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operational stage, and formal operational stage
Median Variable Helps Explain The Relationship Between: Two other variables
Created by: SamB91
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