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Poetry final


A person who narrates a poem Speaker
descriptive language used to create mental pictures of the subject. (figurative lang.) Imagery
A figure of speech that compares two things without using like or as. (please give example) Metaphor Ex: she is a sponge
A metaphor in extra detail Extended Metaphor
A non-human thing/object is given human qualities (figurative lang.) Personifaction
The repetition of initial sounds in adjacent words or syllables Alliteration
Repeats the same word or phrase to make idea clearer Repetition
The formation of words in imitation of natural sounds (buzz, hiss) Onomatopoeia
The repeating of similar sounding words ocuring at the end of lines Rhyme
Regular rise and fall in the sound of words in speech Rhythm
a row of words in a poem that goes in a stanza Line
A group of lines that form a division in a poem Stanza
Rhythm in verse or music Meter
The pattern of how the end words of a line rhyme (a,a,b,b) Rhyme Scheme
When words at the end of a line rhyme with one another (create rhyme scheme) End Rhyme
Rhyming inside a line Internal Rhyme
A pair of verses that rhyme Rhyming Couplet
Expresses thoughts and feelings of a single speaker; often musical Lyric
14 lines, 3 stanzas, a,b,a,b rhyme scheme expresses feelings, type of lyric poetry, Uses iambic pentameter Sonnet
Expresses a noble feeling with dignity; Type of lyric Ode
A poem that expresses grief; type of lyric Elegy
Tells a story in verse Narrative poetry
A long poem in elevated style narrating deeds of a hero; type of narrative Epic
A narrative poem of strongly marked rhythm, suitable for singing, often romantic Ballad
Poetry with no strict pattern of meter, rhyme, line length, or stanza arrangement, Alliteration and repetition make it poetry FREE VERSE
Humorous 5 line poem Limerick
poetry that has some sort of visual representation to enhance effect on the reader Concrete (shape) Poem
Short unrhymed poems,nature orientated, often thoughtful, Striking imagery Haiku
A whismical 4 line poem, Biographical invented by Edmund Clerihew Bently Clerihew
5 line poem, very descriptive, 1 verb, 2 adjectives, 3 action verbs, 4 words, 1 synonym Cinquain
7 line poem, diamond shaped, compares 2 opposites (hot, cold or black, white) Diamante
Takes a word or concept and attempts to define it, provide prospective, redefine it, or create a definitive example of it Definition Poem
Created by: alexishamilton