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Unit 3 Government

Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? The national government did not have enough power
Name 3 things that the Virginia Plan suggested. (Remember that Virginia was one of the larger states) 3 branches of government, a bicameral (2-house) Congress, & representation based on population
The New Jersey Plan suggested one house with each state receiving one vote
Three-Fifth's Compromise compromise on how to count the slave population when dealing with representation & taxes
20 Year Compromise Congress could not ban slavery until 1808
Which part of the Constitution stated the purpose of the government? The Preamble
Which Constitutional Article created the Executive Branch? (**LEJ) Article 2
Which Constitutional Article created the Legislative Branch? (**LEJ) Article 1
Which Constitutional Article created the Judicial Branch? (**LEJ) Article 3
Which Constitutional Article deals with the states? Article 4
Which Amendment protects the freedom of speech & religion? (RAPPS-religion, assembly, press,petition, speech) 1st Amendment
Which Amendment gives us the right to bear arms? (How many arms do you have? ;) 2nd Amendment
Which Amendment limits searches & seizures & protects privacy? 4th Amendment
Which Amendment protects from double jeopardy (can't be tried for the same crime twice) & gives the right to remain silent 5th Amendment
Shays' Rebellion an uprising of common farmers protesting heavy taxes
What impact did Shays' Rebellion have? brought the realization that the Articles of Confederation were too weak (didn't give the federal government enough power)
Which branch of the government Enforces the laws? Executive
Which branch of the government makes the Laws? Legislative
Which branch of the government can impeach a President Legislative
Which branch of the government settles disputes between states? (if you & your neighbor were fighting, where could you go --legally--to settle the dispute?) Judicial
Which branch of the government serves as the Chief of the military? Executive
What is an example of checks and balances within the Legislative Branch? may overturn Presidential vetoes
Which branch of the government interprets the laws? Judicial
What is an example of checks and balances within the Judicial Branch? may declare a law unconstitutional
How many states were needed to ratify the Constitution? 9
ratify the process of approval (of the Constitution by the states)
Which Amendment prohibits cruel & unusual punishment? 8th Amendment
Which Amendment gives the right to a speedy trial & a lawyer 6th Amendment
Which Amendment abolished slavery? 13th Amendment (& you thought 13 was an unlucky number!)
Which Amendment gave woment the right to vote? 19th Amendment
Federalists supported ratification of the Constitution
Anti-Federalists did not support the ratification of the Constitution
Which Amendments make up the Bill of Rights? first 10 Amendments
Electoral College Compromise people vote for electors who then elect the President
federalism the division of power between the federal government & the states
suffrage the right to vote
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