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T-Grimes USH S2 Ques

T-Grimes USH S2 Exam Questions and Answers

How were Chinese immigrants who worked on the Transcontinental Railroad treated? were treated less equal that other workers
This was an independent republic during the time of Manifest Destiny, and became part of the U.S. in 1845. Texas
Where did the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads connect? Promentory Point
How were the Native Americans already living in the areas where the U.S. government granted land with the Homestead Act? viewed as nomadic and not considered to have a permanent home
How did the railroad company use the land grants from the government? they built the railroad on the land, and sold the surrounding land to farmers
The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific started in which two cities,respectively? Omaha, Nebraska, and Sacremento, California
Former slaves from the Old Southwest took advantage of the Homestead Act of 1862, and claimed their lands west in Kentucky. The people who participated in this large-scale migration were called what? Exodusters
While workers on the Transcontinental Railroad received pay, food and shelter, what did the Chinese laborers receive? Only pay
The settlers going west impacted the Native American life by annihilating what? Roaming bison/buffalo
Which immigrant groups were hired to work on the Transcontinental Railroad? Irish and Chinese
These were criteria allowing persons to be eligible for land under the Homestead Act of 1862? a former slave or a female, at least 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen or declaring intention of citizenship, and a veteran of active service in the U.S. Military
How did the Transcontinental Railroad impact America? it made the transportation of people and goods cheaper and faster and increased Chinese immigration
The union that was organized to protect the Comstock miners achieved what for its workers? a minimum of $4 for underground shifts, and Ability to call on law enforcement to maintain agreements
What were the outcomes of the Pullman Strike in Chicago, Illinois? federal troops were sent to stop the strike killing around 30 people, it was the first national strike and led to future relations between workers and industry, and it was determined that the company, not the workers was to blame for the strike
What led to disputes between settlers and the Shoshone people? the railroad expansion
What working conditions did the laborers of the Comstock Lode face as they worked in the mines? could severe body parts, worked in dim lighting, worked in extremely hot temperatures
Were the Canadian Cession, Louisiana Purchase, Annexation of Texas, and Oregon Country acquired to expand the U.S. to its current boundaries, Yes or No? yes
Which of these cities did the Union Pacific Railroad go through as it was built west? (Cheyenne, Colfax, North Platte, Bear River, or All of these cities)? all cities listed
What was harnessed that boosted the textile mills productivity? power of rivers and streams
What is the purpose of political cartoons? image and commentary with satire to influence the public
Who was responsible for stealing mill designs from Europe to begin the Industrial Revolution here in the U.S.? Samuel Slater
Which of these are examples of supply and demand, 100 people want TVs but only 50 are available so the price goes up, OR Florida orange crops destroyed resulting in lower orange price? TV example
Which is NOT considered to be a "push factor" for immigrants of the U.S.? opportunity
Which of these is not a "pull factor" of the U.S.? famine
Which of these conditions did immigrants NOT face when they came to the U.S.? comfortable housing
Political cartoons of an Oil Octopus represents what? represents the monopoly taking over its competition, and influencing politics
What was life like for immigrants coming to the U.S. during the Industrial Revolution? poor wages, tenament living, bad working conditions, and discrimination
What was the new German weapon enabling them to gain prominence in the naval war? U-boat
What event prompted the U.S. to enter WWI? Zimmerman Telegraph (Zimmerman Note)
After sinking the Lusitania (1915) and the Sussex (1916), America threatened to cut off diplomatic ties with Germany if they continued this? Continue Submarine attacks
What declaration did President Wilson make prior to the U.S. involvement in WWI? declaration of neutrality
What was included in the Treaty of Versailles? Germany had to take full responsibility for the war, and make reparations to Britain, and France
What was discovered at the end of WWI? war was more destructive and more effective than before
What legacy was left for the U.S. after WWI? U.S. was transformed into a larger federal government
What did Britain and France want to include in the Treaty of Versailles? Reparations from Germany to Britain and France
Which country were the Allied Powers? (from map) Great Britain, France, Russia (later Russia out/U.S. added)
Which country were the Central Powers (from map) Germany Austria-Hungary, Italy
Which led to the U.S. entry into WWI? German U-boat attacks on Lusitania and Sussex, Zimmerman Telegraph
What was an outcome of Germany at the end of WWI? Germany lost some European land to create new nations, endured economic hardships due to reparations, and they could no longer be a sovereign nation
What did Prohibition during the 1920's create? Bootlegging and speakeasies
What Constitutional amendment ushered in Prohibition? 18th
How did credit work in the 1920's? stores would offer credit with a payment plan to purchase the item
Although women in 1920's were changing, where did most women still work? most women worked at home
Who is a well known baseball player that held the home run record in the 1920's? Babe Ruth
The growth of nativism revived this U.S. group? Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
What was the temperance movement? movement to abolish alcohol use
What was the result of passing the 18th amendment? government lost revenue and had a high cost of enforcing the prohibition laws
This was a time when African-American music and art was shifting to mainstream America. Harlem Renaissance
The growth of the radio during the 1920's did this? increased the sale of products, gave advertisers the ability to reach millions of people
Name two medical advances which impacted America during the 1920's. invention of penicillin and insulin
Women in the 1920's were establishing themselves in society by doing this? voting, and changing their appearances
Name three things that were part of American Life in the 1920's. working crossword puzzles, watching movies, and dancing
What were some fads developed in the 1920's? pole sitting, dance offs, and reading Time Magazine
Describe three social problems the temperance movement hoped to improve. decreasing crime, decreasing alcohol consumption, and improve life in U.S. cities
What does "keeping up with the Joneses" mean? purchasing new items like your neighbor has, even if you can't afford them
What was installment buying in the 1920's? buying items with small monthly payments
Why were Americans buying beyond what they could afford? they thought the economy wouldn't fail
What did FDIC accomplish after the run on the banks? federal backing of banks which allowed customers to feel comfortable leaving their money in banks
What was the nickname of the drought covering the Great Plains? Dust Bowl
Which political party dominated the U.S. prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt? Republican
List some causes of the Great Depression. middle to low classes take loans to purchase goods, banks make risky loans, underconsumption in the market, and Stock market crash
What caused stock prices to fall? investors trying to sell all their stocks, no one bought them,
What were some effects of Great Depression? banks had to pay depositors until they ran out of money, homeless living in Hoovervilles, and Vets protesting at Bonus March
Which was built through the New Deal programs? Griffith Observatory, Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam to name a few
What new weapon effectively brought an end to the struggle against Japan in WWII? atomic bomb
Which is a D-Day Fact, Japan was defeated or Allies invaded German-held France? Allies invaded German-held France
What was a result, or effect of America's use of the atomic bomb in WWII? Manhattan Project was developed, Germany surrounded to the Allies, and cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed
The decisive defeat at the Battle of Midway represented the last offensive operation in the Pacific by what country? Japan
The invasion of Normandy was accessed by what type of vehicles? Boats and tanks
What is significant about the atomic bomb that makes it an historic weapon? it is extremely powerful
What was the Manhattan Project? effort to develop the atomic bomb
This is an important result of the Battle of Midway. turned the tide of the Pacific War with Japan
Name the correct leader with the correct country during World War II. Leaders= Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Franco Hitler=Germany, Stalin=Russia, Mussolini=Italy, and Franco=Spain
Which political party did Hitler seize control? National Socialists (Nazi)
Where was the first test site of the atomic bomb? Trinity Site (New Mexico)
What describes the Japanese Internment during WWII? officially organized by the U.S. government
Which technology was a key part of the battles of WWII? tanks
Nazis put Jewish people into open, closed, and extermination. what were these called? ghettos
What was the Nazi name for the Holocaust? Final Solution
Which was the first concentration camp built in Europe? Dachau
What is the key reason for the North African campaign in WWII? to keep the Axis powers from controlling the oil from the Middle East
Which of the beach landings on D-Day was the most difficult? Utah
What was the Japanese-American internment during WWII? confinement of Japanese-Americans during WWII.
What explains the steep rise in the numbers of women workers beginning in 1940? advances by female activists
Where were most Nazi death camps and concentration camps located? Eastern Europe
What were Buchenwald and Treblinka? Nazi concentration camps
What is the name for systematic killing of Jews by the Nazis in WWII? Holocaust
The Allies invaded France at Normandy on June 06, 1944. What is this date called? D-Day
What term is most commonly used to refer to discrimination against and hatred of Jews? anti-Semitism
Created by: texcgrimes
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