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T-Grimes USHS2 Voc 2

T-Grimes USH S2 Exam Vocab 2

Unemployment Rate a measurement of unemployment calculated as percentages where you divide individuals employed by individuals who are unemployed
Repossessed banks take ownership for lack of payment
Drought an unusually long period without rain
Gold Standard a monetary system where gold is the measurement of paper currency
Stock Exchange a market where securities are bought and sold
On Margin borrowed money used to purchase stocks
Overdrawn withdrawing money in excess of what is available
Depression a long and severe depression or downturn in the economy
Recurring Deposits money deposits made on a regular basis that earn higher interest
Interest Rate a percentage charged over the life of a loan
Overdraft more money withdrawn than available
Loans a bank pays out a lump sum of money that is paid back overtime
Savings money placed in a bank not for immediate use
Risky Loans loans that are unsecure, and have a higher interest rate
Created by: texcgrimes