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T-Grimes USH S2 Voc1

T-Grimes USH S2 Exam Vocab 1

Strike work stoppage due to being treated improperly
Nomadic not settled in one place
Concessions something granted in response to a demand
Unions a group that helped laborers organize to protect their rights and create a safe workplace
Inhabited live in or occupy a particular location
Transcontinental across the continent
Homestead Act gave individuals who met certain criteria 160 acres to settle west
Assimilate to take in or make part of other's knowledge a your own
Discriminate the unjust or prejudiced treatment of different categories of people
Philanthropy the desire to promote the welfare of others expressed by the generous donation of money to good causes
Innovative introduction of new things or methods
Patent a license from the government giving exclusive rights to a specific item
Monopoly exclusive control over an industry
Immigrant the action of moving to another country permanently
Trusts a number of businesses or industries under one board of trustees that can control an entire market
U-boat a torpedo-equipped submarine developed by Germany in WWI
Neutrality not supporting or helping either side in a conflict
Propaganda information to promote or publicize a particular cause or view
Reparations having to pay money to those you have wronged
Militarism a rise in military spending and increase in forces
Alliance System a group of nations that have a formal agreement
Pacifist a person who believes that war is violent and unjust
Nativism a policy of protection of native born U.S. citizens
Jazz Age during the 1920's when Jazz music became the popular genre of music
Flapper a woman of the 1920's that was free-mannered who challenged past traditions
Prohibition federal law that prevented the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
Amendment a formal change to a legal document or article in the U.S. Constitution
Mass Media newspaper, radio, and other forms which reached millions of Americans
Installment Buying stores would offer credit with a payment plan to purchase the item at a later date
Roaring 20's a time in U.S. History with economic growth, technical advances, and social change
Mass Production making a product on a large scale, usually with an assembly line
Infrastructure creation of facilities such as roads, and buildings for the need of society
FDIC created insurance for bank deposits
CWA put people back to work but ended after a year
AAA paid farmers not to grow crops to increase prices
SSA a federal retirement pension that created the model for the current U.S. welfare system
CCC created to build and renovate U.S. parks
PWA hired Americans to build infrastructure (bridges and roads) across the U.S.
Created by: texcgrimes