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Spring Final

This study stack will help in preparation for the spring final

Historical event/figuredescription
Mirabeau Lamar Figure from the Texas Revolution. He later became a political figure during the Republic Years. He served as Texas's second president. Beliefs: aggressive Indian policy, Desire to remain independent, spent lots of money, moved capital to Austin.
Sam Houston General of the Texians during the Revolution. Became a political figure during the Republic years. He served as the first president of the Republic and served a second term after Lamar's presidency. Beliefs: peaceful native policy,
Anson Jones Political figure in Texas who serves as the fourth and final President during the Republic Years of Texas. He is remembered for obtaining annexations with the United States in 1845.
Henry Clay A prominent U.S. Politician who helped create multiple compromises between the Northern and Southern States during the 1850s.
Abe Lincoln Republican President who served during the Civil War. Helped united the broken country through the Civil War.
James Hogg Texas Governor in the 1890s, He was known for being a Progressive and bringing change to Texas during the Turn of the Century.
Ma Furgeson First Female Governor of Texas from the early 20th Century. She was known as a strong politician who fought off the power of the Klu Klux Klan in Texas.
Sam Rayburn was a Democratic lawmaker from Bonham Texas, He served as the Speaker of the house for the U.S. congress for 17 years. The longest tenure in U.S. History
F. D. Roosevelt commonly known as FDR, he was an american politician and served as president of the U.S. He is known for elevating the U.S & Texas out of the Great Depression & Dust Bowl.
Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated American combat soldiers from WWII. He received ever military combat award for valor available from the U.S.
Oveta Culp Hobby was the fist Secretary of the U.S. department of health, education and welfare, first commanding officer of the Women's corps, and chairperson of the board of the Houston post.
Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th president of the United States from 1953 - 1961. He was a five star General during world War II and served as the supreme commander.
Chester Nimitz was a Fleet Admiral of the U.S. Navy. He played a major role in the Naval History of WW II. United States pacific Fleet for U.S. Naval forces.
Lyndon Byrd Johnson often referred to as LBJ. He was the 36th President of the U.S.. He assumed this positiion as the Vice President after Kennedy was assasinated in Houston Texas
Barbra Jordan Was an influential African American female who served as a political leader, specifically during the Civil Rights movement. She was elected to the Texas Senate in the middle of the 20th Century.
Rick Perry Previous Texas Governor, served his office for 16 years
Greg Abbott Current Governor of Texas
Texas Revolution 1835 - 36: was when Texas fought against Mexico for their freedom. This event is significant because it led to Texas's shape and eventually is annexation into the U.S.
Republic of Texas 1836 - 1845: Name that Texas gave itself as an independent republic. They were independent for about nice years before annexation.
Black Bean Episode/Mier Expedition the Mier Expedition was when a group of Texans decided to cross the Rio Grand and raid Mexican towns. The Texans are met with force, outnumbered, and eventually surrender to the Mexicans. The Black Bean drawing was ordered by Santa Anna as punishment.
Closing of the Frontier late 19th Century: concept of the American West closing or being settled. Ideas such as urbanization, industrialization, and the building of infrastructure all lead to this idea.
Mexican American War 1846 - 47: War fought between the U.S. and Mexico over the annexation of Texas and border disputes. America is able to win the war quickly, thus gaining the Mexican Cession territory (new mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada).
Annexation of Texas 1845: when Texas join the United States and became the 28th State
Indian Wars 1870s: battles between the Comanche Empire and the United States over unsettled territory within the Great Plains.
Cattle Drives 1870 - 90: series of Trails that took cattle and cowboys north to the established infrastructure of Railroads for the transportation and sale of the cows.
Spindletop 1901: Was an oil boom that led to many towns formed in southeast Texas. It also propelled urbanization and industrialization within Texas.
Hurricane of 1900 1900: a horrible natural disaster that wiped out about 1/6th of Galveston's population. It allowed for Houston to gain importance. Illustrated mother natures strength and limitations of modern science.
Railroads in Texas The railroads helped to move needed materials and people around the United States. It was a form of infrastructure that connected Texas to much of the United States.
The Progressive Era 1900 - 20: time in which the U.S. and Texas engaged in reforms of morals and business concerning industrialization and urbanization in the U.S. During this time the States saw the creation of the 18th (prohibition) & 19th (female suffrage) amendments.
The Roaring 20s 1920s: was a time of wealth and elegance in the U.S. It was also a time of cultural and gender expression.
Black Tuesday Oct 29 1929: A day in american history when stocks crashed, followed by great panic and millions of Americans pulling their $$ out of banks. This events kicks off the Great Depression.
The Great Depression 1929 - late 1930s: period of severe economic depression in the United states.
The Dust Bowl The dust bowl was an environmental disaster that hit the Central U.S.. This event was caused by severe drought and the human errors of overgrazing and over plowing/erosion.
World War II 1939 - 1945: Global War that starts in Europe. the U.S. gets involved in 1941 with the attack on pearl harbor.
Civil Rights Movement 1950s - 60: Non violence movement in the United States that led to the enfranchisement of the African American and other minority groups.
U.S. Space program Part of the Cold War: massive government spending to race to the moon using space technology. Houston becomes a HUGE player in the U.S. space race.
Levels of Government 1: Country/Federal/National 2: State 3: County 4: City
Branches of Government Legislative: create Executive: enforce Judicial: interpret
Political Parties Republicans & Democrats
Isaac Cline Meteorologist from Galveston that fails to recognize the hurricane that devastates the city in 1900
Created by: rmk0068
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