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Social Studies

study guide on renaissance test

What two events ended feudalism? The Crusades and The Black Death
Who did people question after the Crusades? the church
Once feudalism ended what else ended? The Middle Ages
What did intellectuals try to think of? They tried to think of a way to improve society.
What “golden age” did intellectuals want to go back to? They wanted to go back to the "golden age" of ancient Greece and Rome.
What did intellectuals want to have a rebirth of? They wanted to have a " rebirth " of the love of art, literature, science, medicine, and all knowledge.
What does renaissance mean? The Renaissance means " rebirth ".
What city did the renaissance begin in? The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy.
Who was the de Medici family? The de Medici family were wealthy bankers.
What sources inspired Renaissance artist and scholars? The Greek and Roman culture.
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
What other piece of work did Leonardo create? He created the Last Supper.
Who painted the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
What other piece of work did Michelangelo create? He created the Statue of David.
Who invented the printing press? Johannes Gutenberg
How do you think the printing press affected people involved in making books? It helped them by making it easier and faster to make books.
What was the time period before the Renaissance called? The Middle Ages
Which events help start the Renaissance? The Crusades and The Black Death.
Why is Leonardo da Vinci an important figure of the Renaissance? He made many scientific contributions and created the "Mona Lisa" and the "Last Supper" paintings.
Why is Michelangelo an important figure of the Renaissance? He painted the "Sistine Chapel" and created the " Statue of David"
Why is Gutenberg an important figure of the Renaissance? He created the printing press which made making books easier to make.
Why is Galileo an important figure of the Renaissance? He created his own telescope and found the Sun was at the center of the universe not Earth.
Why is Shakespeare an important figure of the Renaissance? He created many playwrights like Macbeth, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet.
What is humanism? Humans could solve their problems by using reason.
What is realism? When art accurately shows true life.
What is heresy? The belief in an opinion in an orthodx religion.
Reformation was an attempt to _______________ the Catholic Church? Reform
What did Martin Luther want to do which began Reformation? He wanted to get rid of the corrruption and restore the people's faith in the church.
Name the 3 reformers we learned about? Martin Luther, Jonh Calvin, and King Henry VIII.
What did Martin Luther’s 95 These speak out against? They spoke out against the church.
What is an indulgence? A thing sold to people to lessen their time in purgeratory.
How did the printing press help with Reformation? It made it possible for Luther spread his beliefs.
How was Lutheranism formed? It was formed because of the acceptance of Luther's ideas by some local German churches.
Who influenced John Calvin? Martin Luther
What does predestination mean? At birth it will be decided if you will go to heaven or hell.
What are other beliefs of Calvinism? Calvinists, Puritans, Presbyterians, Dutch Reform, Huguenots, and Reform Church.
Who was Henry VIII? He was the King of England.
How was the Church of England created? It was created because Henry VIII split from the church and made his own he had power over.
Created by: kent styles