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Space race review

2nd semester space race review

Event Date (Country)
USSR launches Sputnik 1 October 4th 1957 (Russian)
USSR launches Sputnik 2 carried a small dog named Laika into orbit November 3rd 1957 (Russian)
Explorer 1, first américain satellite to reach orbit, is launched. Carried scientific equipment that lead to discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt January 31st 1958 (USA)
Explorer 2 is launched but fails to reach orbit March 5th 1958 (USA)
The Vanguard 1 satellite is launched continues function for 3 years March 17th 1958 (USA)
Sputnik 3 is launched May 15th 1958 (Russian)
NASA is formed it replaces the NACA October 1st 1958 (USA)
Pioneer 1 launched October 11th 1958 (USA)
Luna 1 launched by the USSR , first man made object to orbit the sun January 2nd 1959 (Russia)
Pioneer 4 is launched on a Earth-moon trajectory March 3rd 1959 (USA)
The "Mercury Seven" astronauts are selected by NASA April 2nd 1959 (USA)
Luna 2 is launched, impacts the moon first man made object to do so September 12th 1959 (Russia)
Luna 3 orbits moon and photographs 70% of its surface October 4th 1959 (Russia)
Trios 1 1st successful weather satellite launched April 1st 1960 (USA)
launches Discoverer XIV first camera equipped spy satellite August 18th 1960 (USA)
John F. Kennedy is elected November 8th 1960 (USA)
Yuri Gagarin orbits the Earth once and becomes first man in space April 12th 1961 (Russia)
Alan B. Shepard becomes the first ___ man in space May 5th 1961 (USA)
John F. Kennedy addresses congress and challenges the nation to go to the moon before the end of the decade May 25th 1961 (USA)
Gus Grissom is launched on a sub orbital flight July 21st 1961 (USA)
Gherman Titov spends a day in space abroad Vostok 2 August 6th 1961 (Russia)
NASA announces the Gemini program December 7th 1961 (USA)
John Glenn orbits the earth three times February 20th 1962 (USA)
Scott Carpenter repeats John Glenn's flight aboard "Aurora 7" May 24th 1962 (USA)
Kennedy gives a speech at Rice University reaffirming the importance of the Moon Program September 12th 1962 (USA)
NASA selects its second group of astronauts September 17th 1962 (USA)
Walter Schirra orbits the earth 6 times October 3rd 1962 (USA)
Mariner 2 flies past Venus and enters a solar orbit December 14th 1962 (USA)
L. Gordon Cooper spends 34 hours in space May 15th 1963 (USA)
Cosmonaut Valentia Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space June 16th 1963 (Russia)
A third group of NASA astronauts is selected October 17th 1963 (USA)
Kennedy is assassinated November 22nd 1963 (USA)
Ranger 7 transmits the first close range images of the moon July 31st 1964 (USA)
Astronaut Theodore Freeman dies in a plane crash October 31st 1964 (USA)
Alexi Leonov spends 12 minutes outside of his Voskhod spacecraft performing the first space walk March 18th 1965 (Russia)
Gus Grissom and John Young fly the first manned Gemini spacecraft March 23rd 1965 (USA)
Ed white preforms ____ first space walk June 3rd 1965 (USA)
Mariner 4 returns close ranger images of Mars July 14th 1965 (USA)
Venus 3 is launched becomes first man made object to impact Venus November 16th 1965 (Russia)
Frank Borman and James Lovell begin a 2 week stay in earth orbit aboard Gemini 7 December 4th 1965 (USA)
Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford in their Gemini spacecraft make the first space rendezvous with Gemini 7 December 15th 1965 (USA)
Luna 9 becomes the first spacecraft to soft-land on the Moon February 3rd 1966 (Russia)
Astronauts Charles Bassett and Elliot See die when their plane crashes in bad weather February 28th 1966 (USA)
Luna 10 become first satellite to orbit the moon April 3rd 1966 (Russia)
Surveyor 1 soft-lands on the moon June 2nd 1966 (USA)
Lunar Orbiter 1 enters orbit around the moon and takes first picture of earth from that distance August 14th 1966 (USA)
Gemini 12 last flight of the Gemini program launches with James Lovell and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin aboard November 11th 1966 (USA)
Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee are killed when fire ignites in their Apollo 1 capsule while performing a test on the launch pad January 27th 1967 (USA)
Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarvo is killed when the parachutes of his Soyuz 1 capsule fail to open properly following re-entry April 24th 1967 (Russia)
Astronaut Edward Givens is killed in an automobile accident June 6th 1967 (USA)
Astronaut Clifton Williams is killed in a plane crash October 5th 1967 (USA)
Venera 4 transmits data about the atmosphere of Venus October 18th 1967 (Russia)
Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin fist man in space dies in a plane crash March 27th 1968 (Russia)
Zond 5 is launched it carried a biological payload (including 2 turtles) around the moon and returned to earth 6 days later September 15th 1968 (Russia)
the crew of Apollo 7 begin a 10 day mission to study the new spacecraft October 11th 1968 (USA)
Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders begin the first manned journey from the earth to the moon December 21st 1968 (USA)
Soyuz 4 & 5 perform the first spacecraft docking January 16th 1969 (Russia)
Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin become the first men to walk on the moon while cremate Michael Collins orbits around the moon alone July 20th 1969 (USA)
Pete Conrad and Alan Bean perform the first precision lunar landing touching down just 600 feet from the Surveyor 3 probe that arrived two years earlier November 19th 1969 (USA)
Created by: lovingher1398
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