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トフル あかい 9

adorn to make (someone or something) more attractive by adding something beautiful
magnificient very beautiful or impressive : very great
impressive deserving attention, admiration, or respect : making a good impression
deal to give (something or an amount of something) to someone : to give (something or an amount of something) to someone
throughout during an entire (situation or period of time)
tragedy a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone's death
involve to have or include (someone or something) as a part of something: to cause (someone) to be included in some activity, situation, etc.
run to be a candidate in an election for a particular office: to direct the business or activities of (something)
discipline a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders
consequence something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions
enormous very great in size or amount
rival to be as good or almost as good as (someone or something)
engrave to cut or carve lines, letters, designs, etc., onto or into a hard surface
inscription words that are written on or cut into a surface
brutal extremely cruel or harsh
adversity a difficult situation or condition : misfortune or tragedy
dispute a disagreement or argument: to say or show that (something) may not be true, correct, or legal
allegation a statement saying that someone has done something wrong or illegal
critical expressing criticism or disapproval
municipal of or relating to the government of a city or town
veritable true or real — used to emphasize a description
anthropology true or real — used to emphasize a description
vacate to leave (a job or position; a seat, hotel room, etc.)
unrestrained not held in place by a belt, seat, device, etc :not controlled or limited
applause a show of approval or appreciation at a play, speech, sporting event, etc., in which people strike their hands together over and over
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