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SS-Ch 10 and 11

Regions textbook Ch 10 and 11

How do land elevation and climate in the Southwest change from east to west? The elevation of the land rises, and the climate gets drier.
Which three major plains regions are found in the Southwest? Coastal Plain, Central Plains, and Great Plains
What shaped the landforms on the Colorado Plateau? mainly water erosion
How can mountains cause deserts to form? They keep moist air from reaching the land.
Where does much of the energy used in the United States come from? from states in the Southwest
How are the landforms, climates, and natural resources in the Southwest alike? The Southwest is generally an area of wide open spaces, and although the climates in the Southwest vary, they are generally fairly dry.
How are they different? There are flat plains and high mountains; some plains are forest lands, while others are deserts and grassland. From east to west the elevation increases and the climate gets drier.
Why did the Pueblos use stone or adobe to build their villages? few trees grew in the area's dry climate
Why was Santa Fe built? It was built to be the capital of Spanish New Mexico.
Why did people in Texas decide to break away from Mexico? They did not like the new Mexican laws
Why did so many people settle in Oklahoma at the same time? Land was given away to anyone willing to live on it for five years.
How do ancient Indians keep their ancient arts and customs alive? They make traditional goods; their children learn Indian languages in school.
How were missions important to the settlement of the Southwest? They were the center of Spanish society attracting settlers who started farms and ranches nearby. Eventually, cities grew up around some of these missions.
What two things played an important part in Houston's growth? The Houston Ship Channel and the oil industry.
What problem has rapid growth caused in Phoenix? crowded school and highways, air pollution, and supplying enough water
Why did so many cities in the Southwest grow so fast? The climate, the development of a steady water supply, trade and the growth of industries such as thoil and aerospace industries
How have the United States and Mexico worked together to solve their water problems? They have worked together to build dams on the Rio Grande.
What caused Mexico and the United States to disagree over their border? The Rio Grande changed course
What are the U.S. and Mexico doing about pollution in the Rio Grande? They are working together to try to reduce the river's pollution
define mesa a hill or small plateau with a flag top and steep sides
define adobe clay brick
define mission a settlement started by Catholic priests where they taught Native Americans about Christianity
define reservation land set aside by government for use by American Indians. American Indians govern themselves.
aerospace the technology used to build and test equipment for air and space travel
define nomad a person who has no permanent house but keeps moving from place to place
aqueduct a large piece of canal built to carry water
migrant worker someone who moves from farm to farm to farm with the seasons harvesting crops
city manager a person who is hired to run a city. He or she hires city workers and oversees all the day to day operations of a city.
define oasis an area that is a desert, but has water
Created by: SiemerKochHein
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