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AH2 Review Units 7-8

Montgomery Bus Boycott This began when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man.
De Jure segregation Segregation by law (remember "law" and "jury" go together)
Betty Friedan Wrote "The Feminine Mystique" and helped organize the National Organization of Women
Segregation Separation of races
De Facto segregation Segregation by custom or practice
Brown v. Board of Education This said that have segregated schools was unconstitutional
Civil disobedience To protest without violence
24th Amendment This made poll taxes illegal
New Frontier President Kennedy's domestic plan
Phyllis Schlafly She opposed the Equal Rights Amendment
New Federalism President Nixon's domestic plan
Reaganomics President Reagan's domestic plan
Obama Care Affordable Care Act
MTV 1st network to bring 24 hour a day music
Partisan politics People who strongly support one political party
Created by: karen.pharr