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When were the medieval conflicts and crusades? 700-1500
What is the meaning of crusades? A crusades is a long and determined attempt to achieve something for a cause that you feel strongly about.
Name the languages of law, culture, and government under the Normans? French and Latin
What is the meaning of Normany? A region in France along the English Channel
What is the meaning of heretics? A baptized Roman Catholic who willfully and persistently rejects and article of faith
What opportunity did pope Urban see for himself in calling of the crusades? He saw a claim of authority.
What was the Inquisition? It is a church
List the two ideas that pope Urban linked? Holy war and pilgrimage
What did King Harold introduced? A strong feudal system.
Who won the battle of Hastings? William won the battle.
Who became king? Harold became king.
King John promised he would not? He would not collect more taxes.
List three subjects students came to Córdoba to study? Music, Medicine, and Philosophy.
Why was Isabella and Ferdinand's marriage important? It was important because it united Spain's largest kingdoms
What happen in 1085? City of Toledo was captured.
Muslims in Spain were known as? They were known as Moors.
The capital city had? It had mosques,bookshops,and public baths.
Non - Muslim only had to? Follow certain rulers and pay a special tax.
Houses in the capital city had? Mosaic floors,gardens,and fountains.
Heartland of Moorish culture? Southern Spain
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