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The Cold War

flash cards

cold war state of tension without armed conflict
Uncle Joe Stalin
Americans thoughts on Soviets change 55% trust rate dropped to 7%
Germany occupied by? France, US, USSR, Britain
denazification removing all traces of nazism
German Federal Republic West Germany, all but Soviet
German Democratic Republic East Germany, Soviet
Soviet invaded countries because? excuse buffer states
real reason for Soviet expansion world domination
containment hold Soviets in current boundaries by political, economic, or military means
Marshal Plan US funded European recovery, avoid another Hitler
Soviets worried unified Germany would attack them
1948 Soviets did... stop traffic from East to West Germany
Berlin Airlift Truman ordered supplies to be brought to East Germany
North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO, democracy, members help others
Warsaw pact communism, USSR and seven east European nations, members aid others
UN group devoted to world peace
Security Council Britain, France, China, US, USSR, resolve world conflicts
General Assembly all nations, resolve problems brought before it
Five year plan for post war industry USSR, succesful, farm production low
Stalin last years forced-labor camps, anti-Semitism
Stalin's successor Nikita Khrushchev
destalinization labor camps eased/closed, artists given freedom, remained totalitarian state
Khrushchev wanted peaceful coexistence
what happened to build tensions? US spy plane shot down over USSR
Yugoslavia under Marshal Tito, remained neutral
Poland tried to free themselves, workers rioted, led by Wladyslaw Gomulka, accepted, remained ally
Hungary leader Imre Nagy, called for free voting, withdrew from Warsaw pact, rebellion crushed, Nagy executed
McCarthy claimed people were communist, gov officials, eventually censored, ruined lives with trial s
sputnik Soviets first in space, satelite
NASA founded 1958 by Nazi scientists
Yuri Gagarin first man in space
John Glenn Ohionan, first American to orbit
Apollo 11 Americans first to moon
Operation Paperclip Nazi rocket scientists to US
MAD Mutually Assured Destruction Policy
SDI strategic defense initiative, star wars, pushed USSR to end cold war
1949 USSR tests A-bomb
Reagan great communicator, most aggressive president since Kennedy, evil empire, national debt
Kennedy most aggresive president
Castro revolutionary turned prime minister in 1959
Bay of Pigs April 1961 attempt to the CIA sponsered Cuban militants to overthrow Castro, failed
Cuban Missile Crisis USSR missilies in Cuba 13 day standoff, edge of nuclear war, remove missiles from Cuba and Turkey
Quarentine/blockade US ships surrond Cuba, nothing in or out, quarentine cause blockade is act of war
hasso herschel former hitler youth, smuggled 1,000 people by tunnle and car
Julius and Ethel Rosenburg americans pass a-bomb plans to soviets
miracle on ice us hockey over USSR 1980
1972 olympics ussr defeats USA first ever loss in basketball
olympic boycotts 1980 moscow boycott LA boycott
project azorinan k-129 sub raised by Americans secretly, Howard Hughes, three miles down, soviet secrets
charlie wilson send weapons to Afganistan to fight soviets, billion in aid, from Texas
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