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Civil War Review

Lincoln entered the Civil War to... preserve the union
Lincoln avoided making ending slavery his goal for the war and did not use the Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves in MO, KY, DE, and MD. He feared he would lose support of the... border states
The western front of the war fought for control of the... Mississippi River
Where did Lee surrender to Grant on 4/9/1865? Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia
The later military tactic that Grant ordered Union commanders to follow was called... total war
What document gave slaves in the Confederate States, who left the Union, freedom? Emancipation Proclamation
This man wanted to kidnap President Lincoln, but after listening to Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address, he decided to assassinate him. John Wilkes Booth
This battle was the last attempt of the Confederacy to wage a offensive war and invade the Union in order to gain European support. It had 50,000 casualties and was a turning point in the Civil War. The South would never again invade the North. Battle of Gettysburg, PA
Westward Expansion and slavery, slavery, different economies, States' Rights, election of Lincoln Civil War causes
Capital of the Union (United States of America) Washington D.C
Capital of the Confederacy (Confederate States of America) Richmond, Virginia
Women took on several roles during the war from spies, making supplies, caring for the wounded, etc. Name two women who played major parts in the war and explain their roles. Rose Greenhow Dorothea Dix Clara Barton
What amendment to the Constitution after the Civil War abolished slavery? 13th
What amendment to the Constitution gave African Americans "Equal protection under the law"? 14th
What amendment to the Constitution gave all American men over twenty-one the right to vote regardless of skin color? 15th
President of the Union Abraham Lincoln
President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis
Lead general of the Army of the Potomac (USA, Union, Yankees) Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
Lead general of the Army of Northern Virginia (CSA, Confederacy, Rebels) Gen. Robert E. Lee
Nurse, Founder of Red Cross Clara Barton
1st African American troops. Fought at Fort Wagner. 54th MA REG
First shots of the Civil War were fired here... Fort Sumter Charleston, SC
Battle which produced the single deadliest day of fighting with 23,000 casualties and led to the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation since it was finally a Union victory. McClellan was fired after not chasing Lee into VA to shorten the war. Battle of Antietam
General Grant won control of this important river as part of the Anaconda Plan at the Battle of Vicksburg. Mississippi River
Union soldiers marched across Georgia destroying farms, railroads, and towns so that no one would be able to help the Confederate army (Called Scorched Earth) Sherman's March to the Sea
Where did the Civil War end? Appamattox Courthouse, VA
Put the battles in order: Antietam Bull Run Ft. Sumter Gettysburg Ft Sumter Bull Run Antietam Gettysburg
In this battle, picnickers jammed the roads when the Confederates advanced. Hampering the retreat of the Union troops. Early battle won by the Confederacy (Rebels) where Stonewall Jackson got his nickname. Bull Run (Manassass)
Union war strategy to control the Mississippi River, cut the South in half, and blockade ports to prevent supplies from coming into the South Anaconda Plan
Larger population More factories More railroads Established government Northern advantages
Smaller navy Lack of industry Fewer railroads Southern disadvantages
This side won the Civil War... North (Union)
Years during which the Civil War was fought 1861-1865
It freed slaves in rebelling states Not many were freed at that time In fluenced European countries to back the Union More northerners supported the war Ending slavery became a wartime goal for the Union Emancipation Proclamation
Name the speech given by Pres. Lincoln in which he hoped for a new birth of freedom after the Civil War (ending slavery), keeping our republic, and honoring those who died in Pennsylvania by dedicating their cemetary. Gettysburg Address
Name the poem by Walt Whitman where he referenced Lincoln's assassination after the Civil War. O Captain! My Captain!
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