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Civics Final Part 2

Which phrase in the Declaration of Independence supported the idea of popular sovereignty? Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed”
What are 3 ways that Article VI is known as the “Supremacy Clause” • Federal law takes precedence • If state law is in conflict with the Constitution, the Constitution prevails • The Constitution is “Supreme law of the land”
What were 3 ways the Constitution solved problems of the Articles of Confederation? • Change Congress to a 2 house legislature • Added Executive branch to enforce laws • Added Judicial branch to interpret laws
The idea of popular sovereignty means; Governments are created by the people, governments must have the consent of the governed
Which principle of American democracy reflects John Locke’s idea of a “social contract”? Popular sovereignty or consent of governed
How did the Great Compromise assign representatives? Equal representation in Senate, House of Reps represented by population.
How can a bill become a law even after the President vetoes it? Congress overrides with a 2/3rd vote
Which type of foreign policy promotes a prosperous economic relationship with China? Promoting International Trade
How would a down turn in Canada’s economy affect the US economy? Lead to a decrease in US exports to Canada
According to this chart, what are the opportunity costs of working 4 hours at your job? Making a D in economics class
When the FED halts its purchase of bonds, how is it manipulating the economy? Decreasing the money supply
Supply and demand exists in a _____ competition. One supplier controls prices in a ____ competition. Perfect / monopolistic
What are 3 benefits of competition? • Keeps prices low • Keeps cost of production low • Keeps quality of products high
What is the main reason for China’s recent economic growth? Moving towards free market privatization
Which phases of the business cycle does unemployment decrease and GDP increase? Expansionary, recovery and economic growth periods.
What type of loan would a first time borrower most likely have to apply for? Secured loan with collateral
What legal action can citizens do to protest a new prison being built? Petition and speaking at public hearing
The slogan “Change we believe in” Is using which type of propaganda? Glittering Generality
Why is the USA considered a two party system? A 3rd party candidate has never won as President
Because of decrease in Louisiana’s population, what will it have less of for the 2016 Presidential election? Electors in the Electoral College
Requirements to run for the following offices: Senator, President, Chief Justice, U.S. Ambassador. • President: 35 or older. Live in USA for last 14 years • Senator: 30 years old. Live in is for last 9 years. • Chief Justice: No election, they are appointed. • U.S. Ambassador: No election, they are appointed.
What was the key ruling in the Tinker vs Des Moines Supreme Court Case? Wearing armbands to express opinions is a form of “free speech”
How can a government improve the economy during a recession? Invest money into road building & public works.
What are two things payroll tax pays for? Social Security and Medicare
Why don’t local businesses pay for services such as libraries, schools, hospitals and parks? Local, state and federal government pays for with taxes.
What are some reserved powers for States? • Administering welfare programs • Incorporating companies • Establishing public and charter schools
Created by: Domingue