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Civil War


What were the North's two greatest strengths? More farms to feed soldiers 21,000 miles of railroad track to transport soldiers
What were the South's two greatest strengths? Best military officers Could trade with foreign countries for supplies with cotton
How did the Battle of the Bull Run show the North that the war may be a long one? North expected quick victory, but South was very motivated Jackson and his army held like a stone wall
What were the 3 steps of the "Anaconda Plan"? 1. Surrounding the South by land and sea 2. Divide Confederacy into two parts 3. Capture Richmond, Virginia
Why was the Battle of Antietam so important to General Lee? He thought that if he won, European nations would start supporting him
What document declared all Confederate slaves free? The Emancipation Proclamation
Who could still keep their slaves? The North
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg considered a turning point in the war? Now the Union was not only fighting to preserve the Union, but now to also end slavery
What did the Union hope to accomplish, when it took control of Vicksburg? To control the Mississippi and not let supplies get to the South
Name one example of "Total War" When General Sheridan and his army marched into the South, destroying anything in their path
What 2 main terms of surrender did Grant give to Lee? 1. Gave food to Lee's starving soldiers 2. Allowed soldiers to go back home
What transportation method became important for the first time in warfare? Railroads to transport goods and soldiers
What was the South's main economic strength? Cash Crops (cotton)
What caused the most deaths of the Civil War? Diseases
Created by: MilanDave