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daniel shays revolutionary war veteran and farmerwho led shays rebellion in 1786
articles of confederation first plan of goverment for the united states,in effect from 1781 to 1789. it gave more power ito the unoted states than to the central goverment
ratify ton officially approve
legislative branch part of the goverment that passes lawes
executive branch part of the government ,headed by the president , that carries out the laws
judical brach part of the goverment that decides the meaning of laws.
inflation economic condition in which priceces rise very quickly
shays rebellion revolt of massachusetts farmers against high state taxes, led by daniel shays
northwest ordiance of 1787 fedeeral order that divided the northwest territory into smaller territories and created a plan for how the territories can become states
delegate person chosen to represent others
constitutional convention meeting of delegateswho met in philidelphia,pennsylevania ,in 1787 and replaced the articles of confederation with the constitution
virginia plan prposal during the constitutional convention that congress be given greater power over the states and that large states have more rrpre sentitives in congress than small states
new jersey plan proposal during the costitutional convention that each state should have the same number of representatives in congress
compromise settlement of a disagreement in which side side agrees to give up part of its commands
the great compromise agreement at the constitutional convention to create a congress with two houses first proposed by roger sherman of conneticut
preamable introduction to the constitution,beginning
seperation of powers division of power among the three branches of the federal goverment under the constitution
checks and balances system set up by the constitution that gives each branch of government the power to check, oor limit , the powerof the other branches
veto power of the priesident to reject a bill passed by congress.
benjamin rush patriot and doctor ;signer of the declaration of independence and strong supporter of the costitution
federalists supportor of a strong national goverment and in favor of adopting of the constitution
antifederalists person opposed to the new U.S.constituttion and its emphasis on a strong national government
THE FEDERALISTS series of essays in 1787 and 1788by james maddison,alexander hamilton, and john jay that urged support of the neew constitution
federal refers to the national goverment
amendment a change , or addition , to the constitution
bill of rights first ten amendments
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