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VCR book A part 2/2

these words did not fit in the first one

equestrian pertaining to a rider or horses or one who rides or preforms on hoseback
felis cat
feline a member of the family of cats, lions, tigers or belonging to the cat family; having characteristics of a cat, such as gracefulness and independance
leo, leonis lion
leon lion
leonine like a lion; having characteristics of a lion, such a fierceness and majesty
lionize to regard or treat a person as a celeberty
piscis fish
piscine typical of fish
porcus pig
porcine like a pig
serpens, serpentis snake
serpentine resembling a snake in form or movement: sinuous; winding or having qualities of a snake: subtle, sly, evil
sima monkey, ape
simian pertaining to a monkey or an ape or monkey
ursa bear
ursine like a bear
zoion (plural zoa) living being or animal
zoology the science dealing with animals
Created by: abbylms
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