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Civics Final Part 1

Civics Final

Article I in the Constitution grants lawmaking powers to which branch? Congress
Which amendment protects privacy of individuals? fourth
If a state law is in conflict with the Constitution, who will declare it unconstitutional? judicial
In the Preamble of the Constitution, what does the line “Insure domestic tranquility” mean? Prevent rebellion
Which form of government has legislative and executive branches in the same assembly? Parliamentary system
What was King Edward of Britain forced to sign? Magna Carta
Who influenced the US to create the first three Articles of the Constitution which outlined duties of the 3 branches? Montesquieu
Which type of foreign policy promotes a prosperous economic relationship with China? Promoting International Trade
What pact was created between the USA, Mexico and Canada to eliminate trade barriers? NAFTA
Why do countries receive trade sanctions against them? Violating International Law
If an individual invest money into a business, what type of payment do they receive? Interest
If the FED wants to raise interest rates, what does it do? Sells bonds
If the GDP of a country goes up, what usually goes up as well? Standard of living
What do you call a countries ability to produce goods more efficiently than others? Specialization
What is it called when the price of a product goes up and more suppliers enter the market? Law of supply
What is an example of a civic responsibility that most Americans don’t take seriously? Voting
The slogan “Change we believe in” Is using which type of propaganda? Glittering Generality
What type of economy exists where a government centrally plans all activity? Command
Which of the following is not a group with the purpose of protesting for changes; NAACP, PETA, SNCC, PAC. PAC
What is it called when government’s expenditures are less than revenue? Budget surplus
How do local governments receive most of their money? Intergovernmental revenues
What is the largest source of revenue for the federal government? Tax Payers
What is most states’ second largest source of revenue? Sales tax
The FTC, FDA and SEC are all examples of what? Federal regulatory agencies
Created by: Domingue
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