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A person who organizes resources to bring a new or better good or service to market in hopes of earning a profit entrepreneur
Which territory was divided by the Untied States and Great Britain Oregon Territory
They fought in the Civil War and were made to serve in segregated units African Americans
Offered command of Union forces at the beginning of the war, but chose not to fight against Virginia Robert E. Lee
Leader of the Army of Northern Virginia Robert E. Lee
Urged southerners to accept defeat at the end of he Civil War and to reunited as Americans Robert E. Lee
Who favored tariffs before the Civil War because tariffs protected factor owners an workers? The North
Slavery issue would be settled by popular sovereignty Kansas-Nebraska Act
Which territory was added to the United States after it became and independent republic? Texas
The main goal of the suffrage movement was to gain equal rights for women
Who was known for writing the "North Star" newspaper and worked for rights for African Americans and women to better their lives? Fredrick Douglass
Which allowed California to enter the Union as a free state and the Southwest territories to decide the slavery issue for themselves? Compromise of 1850
What provided a written guarantee of individual freedoms Bill of Rights
What expresses the idea that westward expansion is for the good of our county and was the right of our country Manifest Destiny
All of the following are examples of what: logging, freedom or runaway slaves, farming, California Gold Rush economic opportunities of westward expansion
People have a right and a duty to change a government that violates their rights, government drives poser from the people, people have rights that cannot be taken away, people establish govts to protect their unalienable rights These ideas appear in the: Bill of Rights
Which invention increased the need of slave labor? cotton gin
Who was the Civil War nurse that started the American Red Cross? Clara Barton
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin
Portuguese explorers made voyages to West Africa in order to -- trade metals, cloth,a nd other manufactured goods for gold
The economy of which colonial region specialized in fishing, shipbuilding, naval supplies, metal tools and equipment? New England
Which region has rugged mountains stretching from Alaska almost to Mexico Rocky Mountains
Which group of American Indians lived in the arctic? Inuit
What is significant about Cactus Hill in southeastern Virginia? evidence that humans lived there as early as 18,000 years ago
colonies felt they lacked representation in Parliament, colonists resented power of colonial governors, colonies opposed taxes These were all causes of the.... American Revolution
Who was the President when the federal court system was established George Washington
Which caused European nations to gain respect for the United States when James Madison was President? War of 1812
What were the first armed conflicts of the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord
Which prominent member of the Continental Congress helped frame the Declaration of Independence as well as gaining French support for American independence? Benjamin Franklin
defense of their own land, principles, and beliefs, strong leadership, support from France All were advantages that who..... had during what event? colonists, American Revolution
Which battle marked and American victory and turning point of the Revolutionary War? Saratoga
Which colonial group of people were captured in their native Africa and sold to traders to be shipped to the colonies, were owned as property for life, and had no rights? Enslaved African Americans
Which colonial group settled in Pennsylvania to practice their religion freely? Quakers
The canoes, bows, and spears the American Indians made were examples of capital resources
How did Great Britain's control its economic relationship with the colonies? established strict control over trade,
Spread Christianity, Search for gold and natural resources, and Competition to expand power Motivating Forces for European Exploration
Which geographic feature is a landform with water on three sides? peninsula
Provided for a weak nation government, gave congress not power to tax or regulate commerce among states, no common currency, one vote per state, no executive or legislative branch - where all weaknesses of _______ Articles of Confederation
What was the most important result from the Proclamation of 1763 Restricted the westward expansion
Under the Articles of Confederation how many state needed to vote yes for something to pass? i.e. Constitution? 9/13
Population growth in the eastern states caused people to move westward
Who conquered and enslaved American Indians during the early European exploration? Spanish
Who was elected president of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
Which Colonial region was known for hilly terrain, rocky soil and jagged coastline? New England
Which battle during the Civil War was to gain control of the Mississippi River and divid the South? Battle of Vicksburg
Turning point of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg
Colonists resented the power of this British official Colonial Governor
This country gave Florida to the United States through a treaty Spain
The long-term economic survival of the Jamestown colony depended on development of profitable cash crops
Which colony was most tolerant of different religions? Pennsylvania
Who was a European philosopher who believed that people had the right to life, liberty, and property? John Locke
This decided how many votes each state would have in the senate and House of Representatives Great Compromise
America went to war because Great Britain was interferencing with American shipping. War of 1812
What event triggered souther secession? Lincoln's election in 1860
In the beginning years of the Civil War what did the Union lack? Strong leadership
Created by: Mrs. Estes