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Turning Point: IR

Study Aid for Industrial Revolution Turning Point Test

What economic system was most common in the Western Hemisphere before the Industrial Revolution? traditional
What economic system involves families generally taking care of their own needs and wants? traditional
What economic system is still common in Western Hemisphere countries that have limited natural and capital resources? traditional
What economic system has businesses and resources owned by private citizens? mixed market capitalism
What economic system has people who generally work for a business to earn a salary? mixed market capitalism
What economic system do the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Mexico all use? mixed market capitalism
What economic system has businesses and resources owned by the government? command
What economic system has equal distribution of income among the citizens? command
What economic system does Cuba use? command
What makes a product or service valuable? high demand and low supply (scarcity)
What word is used in economics to describe the rareness of something? scarcity
How did mass production lower the cost of products? It increased the supply and lowered the costs of production.
What form of government do the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil all have? representative democracy
What form of government do many Latin American countries with limited capital and natural resources have? dictatorship
What form of government uses a command economy? An example is Cuba. communist
What are the three major crops of Latin America from your notes? coffee, sugarcane, and bananas
Why is it a problem to have only agricultural products as your source of income? It is affected by the weather.
What form of music developed in Jamaica? reggae
What form of music began as a way for slaves to secretly communicate? Calypso
What are some of the more unique sports Canada plays (as listed in your notes) Canadian football, ice hockey (national sport), curling, lacrosse, rodeo
What sport is the most popular in the world, played by 208 countries? soccer
What Western Hemisphere country describe their people as a mosaic? Canada
What are the two European cultures that have greatly affected Canadian culture? French and English
Canada is a bilingual country. What are the two official languages? French and English
What is the name of the movement in Canada in which the French Canadian wish to become independent of the rest of Canada? the Separatist Movement
What race are most of the people of Latin America? Mestizo
What was the main effect of the Industrial Revolution as a turning point in the history of the Western Hemisphere? Countries with resources changed from traditional economies to mixed market capitalism.
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