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History Final

To Study

a government in which people rule through elected representatives is called a... republic
a states population determines the number of____ in congress seats
after the battle of Shiloh what did both sides realize? it would be a long war
Andrew Jackson became a hero after which war battle of new orleans
Andrew Jacksons nick name was... old hickory
another name for war ships during the war of 1812 was... frigates
before what election was Lincoln unknown 1858 congressional
what are concurrent powers? powers shared by states and federal government
describe checks and balances maintains a balance of power between the 3 branches (supreme court, judicial, and executive)
what are enumerated powers powers given specifically to congress
enumerated powers were discuses in what great american document constitution
explain marbury vs madison established judicial review
francis scott key wrote star spangle banner
hamilton made a compromise with the southern states over debts. what city was a result of this compromise? DC
how did alexander hamilton view the constitution loose
how did thomas jefferson view the constitution strict
how many justices make up the supreme court 9
what are implied powers powers that are claimed by congress but not specifically stated
in 1802, who did the Louisiana terroitoy belong to france
in his farewell address,, Washington foreign policy was based on steering clear of permanent alliances
in the election of 1800, how was the election decided house of representities
in what case, did the court rule that the constitution protected slavery dred scott
jackson believed the national wealthy people
James Madison, wrote the Virginia plan and is considered to be the father of what document? constitution
more than half is called majority
mudslinging was introduced during the election of 1828
name of events in Lawrence, Kansas prior to the civil war bloody Kansas
name the men in the first cabinet. Jefferson, Hamilton, Knox, Randolph
what is a cabinet presidents adviser
nominating conversions replace caucuses
popular sovereignty was proposed by Steven A Douglas as an alternative to Missouri compromise
presidential candidates who receive backing from their home states rather than the national party are called home state candidates
prior the civil war, what was a major advantage of the south excellent military leaders
prior to the civil war, where did a pro-slavery and antislavery government exist at the same time kansas
what are reserved powers states powers
states rights was a concept used by ____ before/during the civil war southern states
tecumseh had high hopes for a native american confederation
the antislavery Whigs, democrats and free-soilers formed what modern day party republican
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