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DNA Replication

Mizzou, Spring 2015, Biochem Final

semi-conservative replication each daughter double helix contains one template strand & one newly synthesized strand
origin of replication DNA double helix unwinds at a specific point called an _____ ____ _____
two replication forks at each origin of replication, there are ____ ____ ____
5' to 3' DNA is synthesized from its _________ end
DNA gyrase relieves positive supercoils and relieves torsional stress; a type 2 topoisomerase
helicase unwinds DNA helix and causes strand separation
SSB (single-stranded binding protein) stabilizes single stranded regions & prevents re-annealing of DNA; protects single stranded regions from nucleases
primase synthesizes the RNA primer
DNA ligase seals nicks in DNA
DNA polymerase 1 removes the RNA primer
DNA polymerase 2 responsible for new strand synthesis
RNA serves as a primer in DNA replication
primase uses the DNA template strand to produce this RNA primer sequence
DNA polymerase 3 synthesizes new DNA strands; the newly formed DNA is linked to the 3'-OH of the RNA primer
Okazaki fragments are formed on the lagging strand due to the requirement for DNA synthesis in the 5' to 3' direction
DNA polymerase 1 as the replication fork moves away, the RNA primer is removed by ____ _____ ___ as it fills the gaps
DNA ligase makes the final covalent bond between Okazaki fragments
exonuclease one proofreading function is the 3' to 5' ______ activity of DNA pol 1
exonuclease 5' to 3' _______ activity of DNA pol 1 is used to repair mutations in the DNA
mutation DNA pol 1 removes ______ while inserting the correct DNA sequence
mismatch repair enzymes recognize that two bases are incorrectly paired, the are of mismatch is removed, and the area replicated again
hundreds each chromosome has _____ of replication origins
prokaryotes DNA replication of _______: have 3 main polymerases, no histones complexed with DNA; Okazaki fragments of 1000-2000 residues long; all polymerases are exonuclease; ONE origin of replication
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