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AH2 Review Units 1-2

Europe Continent where countries that sent explorers during Age of Exploration.
Mercantilism Policy used by England toward American colonies after Salutary Neglect ended.
13th Amendment Gave freedom to African Americans.
Sectionalism Extreme loyalty to a particular region of a nation.
Boston Tea Party An effect of taxation without representation and British soldiers being in Boston.
California Gold Rush Period when much gold was discovered in California.
Transcontinental Railroad Built by Chinese and Irish laborers that made westward expansion much easier.
Commercial farming A way that people who settled in the west made a living; raising crops and livestock to sell.
Natives had little food Main reason Chief Joseph stopped in his attempt to lead his people to Canada.
Industrial Revolution Period of time in American history when the focus was on machines, factories, and industries.
Entrepreneurs People who invest and are willing to take a risk in business.
1800's Time period when Industrial Revolution took place
Muckraker Journalist who wrote about negative effects of the Industrial Revolution.
Small rooms/overcrowded Problems with tenements.
Labor unions Organization of workers that join together to obtain better working conditions.
Jane Addams Founded Hull House in Chicago and offered education, child care, and social activities to the poor.
Created by: karen.pharr
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