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Social Studies Vocab

Fascism a political philosophy in which total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied.
Democracy a system of government where decisions are made by elected officials who represent the people.
Epidemic a widespread outbreak of infectious disease.
Euro a single currency, or money of the European union.
Guerilla a member of a small group of soldiers that attack suddenly and dispersal into hiding.
Confederation a loose alliance of countries, states and other political units.
Federal a type of government where a group of states (or small political units) give certain power and authority to a central government.
Emmissions any pollution or waste released into the air. It is often released by cars.
Autocracy a government system where one leader hold complete power.
Petroleum a thick dark oil found under the earth's surface.
Monarchy a government headed by a king or a queen.
Credit receiving a good or a service now and then paying for it later.
Dictator a ruler with absolute power and authority.
Seperatists a person who moves away from an established church or religion.
Ethnic a group of people who have the same language, culture or religion.
Contaminated something is ________ when it is impure and unclean.
Quota an example of a trade barrier that sets a limit on the number of imported goods.
Figurehead a leader who represents a country but does not have many duties in a government.
Literacy the ability to read and write.
Oligarchy a political system where control rests with a small group of people with wealth and power.
Currency is used to by goods and services.
Interdependent something is ___________ when two or more things depend on each other for survival.
Indigenous native to a particular area or region.
Republic a type of government where the people in the country hold the supreme power.
Parlimentary a democratic form of government where the legislature (Parliament) control the power.
Embargo an official ban on trade and other commercial activity with a particular country.
Entreprenuer someone who has an idea for a good or service and takes the risk to produce it.
Tariff a tax on imported and exported goods.
Ally a country or person that has joined with another country or person for a specific purpose.
Population Density the number of people living in a specific area.
Liberate to give freedom.
Invest to commit money or a capital to gain a financial return.
Diversity being different.
Holocaust an act of mass destruction and loss of life.
Natural Resources materials that come directly from nature.
Globalization the linking of nations through trade, information, technology and communication.
Capital Resources man made things we use to help us work like factories, machines and technologies.
Reform to make something better as oppose to a revolution, which means a complete and radical change.
Smog a brownish haze that is caused by the action of the sun.
Specialization being really good at making one or more things.
Imperialism the policy of obtaining and occupying land to form an empire.
Economy the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.
Hydroelectricity uses water to generate electricity, and it is a widely used form of renewable energy.
Unitary a government system that gives all power to the central government.
Acid Rain rain polluted by gasses released into the air by the burning of fossil fuels like coal or oil.
Inflation when prices increase over time.
Colony is made up of a group of people who settle far away from their homeland but still have ties with it.
GDP (gross domestic product) is the total market value of all the goods and services produced by that country in a single year.
Empire an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority.
Revenue income a business makes from the sale of goods and services.
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