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Rick Hernandez

Ch.15 Crusades

Who is the head of the Christian Church? The Pope.
Who wanted the greater title of emperor? Charlemagne the King of the Franks.
What is the clergy? It is made up of priests and monks to give their lives to the Church.
Who made Charlemagne emperor? Pope Leo II.
What is a coronation? It is a crowning ceremony.
Who did Edward the Confessor promised the crown of England? He promised it to William Duke of Normandy but gave it to Harold Godwin.
What did William do when Harold was crowned the king of England? He invaded England
Where did William defeated Harold? He defeated him at the Battle of Hastings.
What is the Magna Carta? It is a document that King John was forced to sign?
What is one law the Magna Carta states? The Magna Carta made it clear that even a king is not above the law of the land.
What country did the Magna Carta affect in modern day? The American Government.
What is the House of Lords? It is made out of nobles.
What is the House of Commons? It is made out of town leaders and knights.
What is a pilgrim? A religious person who travels to a holy place.
What is a Crusade? It is a religious war to free the holy land from the Turks.
When did Jerusalem get captured by the Christians? It got captured in 1099.
Who created the inquisition? Gregory IX created the Inquisition in the 1200s.
What is the Inquisition? It was a church court designed to investigate and judge heretics.
What where Spanish Muslims known as? They were known as Moors.
What was the Muslim capital in Spain? It was the city of Córdoba.
When did Córdoba fell? It fell in 1236.
What did Isabella and Ferdinand wanted to make Spain? They wanted it to be a Christian society
Created by: Rickvich1