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Kenneth Caetano

Chapter 15 Medieval Conflicts and Crusades

Who was the rival of Pope Gregory VII? Henry IV was his rival.
What were the benefits of being an emperor? You have a special relationship with god.
Why did Pope Leo III crown Charlemagne Emperor? Because Charlemagne helped Pope Leo III.
After Henry and Gregory died, what did they make? They made the Concordat of Worms.
Who formed an alliance with other Nobles? Otto the Great formed an alliance with other Nobles.
What was a clergy made up of? It was made up of priests and monks.
What was Gregory's name before he became Pope? His name was Hildebrand.
Who was the Duke of Normandy? William was the Duke of Normandy.
What day was William crowned King of England? He was crowned on Christmas Day.
Who did Edward the Confessor promise the crown to? He would give it to Harold Godwin.
What year did King John get crowned? He was crowned in the Year 1199.
What was the power struggle between? It was between Barons and the Kings.
What did King John sign? He was forced to sign the Magna Carta.
What has the Magna Carta also influenced? It influenced the American government.
.What were Crusades? They were military campaigns, or operations.
What opportunity did the Crusades do for Pope Urban II? He could show his authority over all of Christendom.
What was the Inquisition? It was a church court.
What did the Inquisition do? They investigated and judged heretics.
When was the "Children Crusades"? 1212 is the year of the Children Crusades.
When did Muslims take back the last Crusade state? The year 1291 when they did.
What did the European people trade and get? They traded spices, silk, and other rare goods.
What was the movement that Christians took back Muslim territory? It was called the reconquista, or the reconquest.
What did houses have? They had gardens, fountains, and mosaic floors.
What made the civil war in 1002? The decline of muslim rule in Spain.
What did student study in Córdoba? They studied music medicine and philosophy.
What did non-Muslims have to do? They had to follow certain rules and pay a special tax.
What did Cordoba have in the 10th century? They had mosques bookshops and Public baths.
What did Isabellas and Ferdinand's marriage do? It would unite Spain's largest kingdoms.
What was the Magna Carta? It was a paper that informed the rights of everyone.
Created by: Kennethc1
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