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final Review

mrs t's final review

Sectionalism, Slavery and State'd Rights all led to The Civil War
How was Andrew Jackson's election to the presidency in 1828 a major shift in American politics Political power was shifted from the elites to the common man
Who was now able to vote in the 1828 election for Andrew Jackson ALL white males
What 3 crops did the Southern COLONIES grow tobacco, rice and indigo
Why was the Union voctory at Vicksburg important to the CIvil War Because it isolated the Western part of the Confederacy
Why was controling the Mississippi River important to the Union during the Civil War By allowing the North to divide the South
Why did many small Southern farmers vote with the Rebublicans after the Civil War Because they believed the Civil War was a rich man's war, but a poor man's fight
What was Manifest Destiny A desire to spread democracy, a belief that a growing nation needed to acquire new land, a belief that God
In what region were most of the railroad tracks located The North
Why were most of the railroad tracks located in the North The North had more factories and industry than the other regions
What important invention helped save time and money Interchangable parts
Did industry in the North give the North an advantage or disadvantage during the Civil War an advantage
What president purchased the Louisiana Territory Jefferson
What victory helped Andrew Jackson become a national hero The Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812
Reform means to change or improve
Most Free Blacks were found in the North
The single bloodiest day of the Civil War was The Battles of Antietam
Put the following in the correct order * 13th Amendment * Emancipation Proclamation * The Civil War * End Of Reconstruction * The Civil War * Emancipation Proclamation * 13th Amendment * End Of Reconstruction
What was the first Battle of the Civil War Bull Run
President Johnson created what to build schools, and give out food to former slaves The Freedmen's Bureau
Radical Republicans wanted to control Reconstruction so that they could - Punish the Southern States
Why did white small farmers support slavery Because they hoped to own plantations one day, and to have slaves of their own
The 14th Amendment states Former Slaves, African Americans are citizens of the United States
Why did the Radical Republicans require the Southern States to ratify the 14th Amendment before they were allowed back into the United States To ensure that the government guaranteed equal protection for all citizens
How did the admission of the Western states add to the sectionalism between the North and the South Due to the fact that they were admitted as either a slave state, or a free state
What about the Southern region of the United States encouraged plantation farming and the use of slave labor The Souths climate and geography led to plantations and the use of slave labor
The large scale use of what contributed to the large amount of casualties during the Civil War Rifles
Dorothea Dix's efforts with the mentally disabled led to states treating them as disabled people instead of criminals
The Reconstruction Amendments allowed former slaves to gain government protection of what Civil and political rights
Southern slavery affected Northern industry and manufacturing by keeping raw material cost low
Most of the slaves in the South were used on small farms and plantations
What was the last battle of the American Revolution Yorktown
Where was the end of the Civil War Appomattox Court House
Who led the Confederate Army during the Civil War Robert E Lee
President Andrew Jackson openly defied the Supreme Court concerning this The Indian Removal Act
All of the issues during the Reform Era were what kind of reforms They were social reforms
The 1st Amendment gives us the right of this Free speech, so we have the right to protest against the government
The North favored tariffs because - Increased the demand for American made products
The South was against tariffs because - The South paid most of those tariffs
Who was the Commanding General of all Northern Troops Ulysses S Grant
Large populations in the North were found where In the cities
The Second Great Awakening helped to lead many reformers during what era The Reform era
A major aspect of Manifest Destiny was our belief that we were spreading Christianity
The Liberator, The Northern Star, and Uncle Tom's Cabin. promoted what cause The Abolition Movement, and made the South more resentful of the North
The Southern economy was based on this labor force Slave labor
The Northern economy was base on this labor force Mobile labor force
The Indian Removal Act goave Andrew Jackson the power to negotiate - Resettlement treaties with Native Americans
Southern slaveholders resisted abolition because they viewed slavery as an Important factor in the Southern economy
The Cherokee Native American Tribe fought against the Indian Removal Policy by sending a political delegation to Washington DC to - Fight for thier rights
Created by: stallarita
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