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The middle ages

Guillermo tamalazti

Where was Charlemagne King? in a vast area in Europu
Why did Charlemagne wanted to be emperor? Back then if you were an emperor you had a relationship with God.
What did Charlemagne want? wanted a better life of ''emperor''
What is clergy? priests and monks who give their lives to serve the church
Why did Henry the fourth ignore Pope Gregory the seventh's rules? because Pope Gregory the seventh attacked Henry's power and rights
Who tried to remove Gregory as pope? Henry the fourth
Who were the Normans? descendants of Vikings who lived in Normandy
Who invaded King Harold in September 1066? The Normans
How did the Norman nobles become wealthy and powerful? When William the Conqueror introduced a strong feudal system in England and when he divided large shares of English land.
What happened in 1199? King John was crowned
What did the Manga Carta refer to "the law of the land"? The common law
What does parliament mean? a gathering of representatives who make laws
Who conquered Jerusalem in 1071? Seljuk Turks
What were the ideas that the poped linked? The holy war an pilgimage
How many Crusade did Europeans lunch? They launched three more Crusades
List three items the villagers returned home? spices, silk, and other goods
How many Crusades were there? Four Crusades
What did King John do? lied to people and through people to jail for no good reason
What was the largest capital in Europe? Córdoba
What did students study in Córdoba? music, medicine, and philosophy
Why was it hard to convert Cristians into Muslims? There were more Chirstians than Muslims
Why was Isabella and Ferdinand's marriage important? It united Spain's largest kingdoms
When did the Jews and Muslims leave Spain and Portugal? In 1502
When did Córdoba fall? In 1236
Created by: guillert1


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