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Galylea Escobedo

Medieval conflicts

Why did Charlemagne want the tittle "emperor " ? He had a connection with God and could be able to protect his empire better.
What does excommunicate mean? to remove someone from a church or a religious group.
what does coronation mean? Crowning or Ceromony
What is clergy? It is made up priests and monks who give their lives to serve the Church
When does the pope crown Charlemagne emperor ? In the 800's
When does king John accept the magna carta ? in the 1215
When do the Normans conquer England? in the 1066
What can an emperor name? their own bishop
What is common law ? its a body of law that has grown from custom Judges decisions instead of laws passed by a government
what is habeas corpus ? it refers to a court order to bring in arrested person before a judge or court
What is writ ? it is a court order
What is parliament ? a gathering of representatives who make laws
Who won the English or the Normans ? the Normans won
Who was crowned after fighting his way across England ? William was crowned
What were the two important limits that came fro the magna carta Could not collect any taxes
What were the two countries in Europe that expel Jews in the middle ages ? France and England
When did the Normans conquer England? In 1066
What did the Crusaders returned home with? Silk, spices, and other rare goods to trade
After the Crusaders gained no support from local population in Palestine how many more crusades did Europeans mounted? Two
When Crusaders returned home with silks and spices what did it inspire other people to do? Training and exploring
What where Muslims in Spain known as? Moors
What did houses in the capital city have? Mosaic floors, gardens, and fountains
Non-Muslims only had to do what ? Had to follow certain rules and had to pay a special tax
Students flocked to Córdoba to study what? Philosophy, music, and medicine
Why was the marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand important? Because it united the Muslim kingdoms in Spain
Created by: galyleae1