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Yatzil Rubio

Medieval Conflicts

Why did Charlemagne want the title "emperor" ? He had a connection with God and could be able to protect his emperor better.
What does excommunicate mean? to remove someone from a church or religious group.
What does coronation mean? Crowning or ceremony.
What is clergy ? It is made up of priests and monks who give their lives to serve the Church.
When does the Pope crown Charlemagne emperor ? In the 800 is when he crowns him emperor.
What is Habeas Corpus ? refers to a court order to bring in arrested person before a judge or court.
What is writ ? it is a court order.
What is parliament ? a gathering of representative who make laws.
Who was crowned after fighting his way across England ? William was crowned.
What were the two important limits on the Kings power that came from the Magna Carta ? Common law, and Habeas Corpus.
What is Pilgrim ? a religious person who travels to a holy place or shine.
What is shrine ? a building or other shelter.
What opportunity did Pope Urban II see for himself in calling for the crusaders ? Pope Urban the second opportunity was to make real his claim of authority over all Christiandom and even over an emperor.
When did Seljuk Turks conquer Jerusalem ? In the year 1071 was when Jerusalem was conquered.
What did Crusaders return home with ? Silk,spices, and rare goods to trade.
What are the three subjects came to Córdoba to study ? Music, medicine, and philosophy.
What year was the city of Toledo captured ? In the year 1085 was when the city was captured.
Why where early Moorish rulers in Spain tolerant of Judaism and Christianity ? They were tolerant because the Quran encouraged tolerance.
Why was Isabella and Ferdinand's marriage important ? their marriage was important because it United Spain's largest kingdoms.
What were Muslims in Spain known as ? They were known as moors.
Created by: yatzilr10
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