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U.S. History

Finnal Test

Television helped shape consumerism and the image od American lives
Red Scare scare of America becoming communist
Rock 'n' Roll teenagers tried to escape the conformity of suburbia through this new type of music, reworking rhythm and blues
Baby Boom rapid increase in population in America due to the soaring birth rates between 1946 and 1964 many married and started a family after WWII ended
HUAC house committee on un-American activities congressional committee
Hollywood Ten accusation on the Hollywood would riddled with communist, film directors, questioned from the HUAC
Elvis Presley Rock 'n' Roll artist
Levitt-Home birth of modern day suburbia throughout America
38th parallel were settles into a stalemate North Korea- Communist, South Korea- capitalist
Brinkmanship secretary of state John Foster Dulles called for the liberation od all nation that had fallen under soviet control since 1945, calling for threatening all out the war in order to conduct communist aggression
Limited war a war in which the weapons used the nations or territory involved or the objectives pursued are restricted in some way, use of nuclear weapons is avoided
"The Super" hydrogen bomb, 1,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb
Joseph McCarthy senator, clamed to have a list of communists working for the state department- never produced list
Emmitt Till 14 year old boy killed from the north, did not know the south culture
Rosa Parks women that refused to give up her seat to go sit in the segregated area of the bus, growth of Civil Rights Movement
Little Rock Nine name for the 9 teenagers to attend Central High school in Little Rock, AL
NOW feminist promoted equal rights for women, challenged traditional rolls
Montgomery Bus Boycott sparked by Rosa Parks incident, voluntary exclusion by black of public transportation, meant to late 1 day, continued for over a year
AIM other progressive in the Civil Rights movement; united from workers- migrant workers gained better pay and working conditions
Black Power some blacks questioning the effectiveness of nonviolence self defense, questioned desirability of integration, goal to go in control of economic and political power to achieve equal rights
Bloody Sunday registration drive for black voters in Salem, Al attempts met with beating and arrest, protest march in response from Salem to Montgomery (600 marchers- 50 miles)
SNCC student nonviolent coordination committee formed in 1960 by student activists in the south
SCLC southern Christian leadership conference by MLK, believed in non-violence resistance would provide positive public reflection on their efforts and not escalate violence
Freedom Riders integrated group that protested segregation instate transportation in 1962, organized by congress of racial equality, Washington DC into the south, attacked in Anniston and Birmingham, AL 300 riders protested in the summer
Voting Rights Act of 1965 signed into law by LBJ on august 6, 1965 aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from voting
Civil Rights Act of 1964 march on Washington DC in 1963 brought 200,000 in support of the civil rights bill, king "I have a dream speech"
Brown vs. Topeka supreme court case that over turned segregation, nullified Pessy vs. Ferguson, Linda brown- school girls that faced difficult and dangerous condition to attend school
Martian Luther King Jr. tried to address frustration of lack of progress, embraced sound ideas of black power movement upset about funding for Vietnam instead of war on poverty killed by shipper in Memphis, TN outside his motel shot by James Earl Ray- life sentence
Medicare program established to provide national health insurance for people over the age of 65, successful
British Invasion social and political movement were evident in the music revolution in popular music inspired by the 1964 arrival of English rock bands
New Frontier name for JFk's political, social, and economic programs of the early 1960s filled his cabinet with young people believed that government should offer solution to national and global problems
Warren Commission assigned by LBJ to investigate JFK's death, conspiracy the prevailed 10 month review acted alone documents were sealed
Great Society LBJ's domestic reform plan, civil rights health care, education
Bay of Pigs operation sponsored by the CIA to form a couple against Castro US feared communist expansion in Latino America Cuba refuges trained and financed by CIA to failed
Cuban Missile Crisis test of American containment and defensive weapons including nuclear missile, V-2 photos revealed missile aimed at US, JFK ordered a naval blockade, Soviet planned to challenge the blockage
Gideon vs. Wainwright secured right for improvised defendant state required to provided lawyers at public expense
Escobedo vs, Illinois found that accused have the right to have presence of a lawyer during police interrogation
Miranda vs Arizona required authorities to inform accused persons of their right at the time of arrest
Lee Harvey Oswald man arrested for assassination of JFK
Malcolm X drifted into crime and had been in prison father killed by whites. turned to Islam. rejected the name Little because it was a slave name.
Robert Kennedy attorney general set federal marshal to protect riders
Bob Dylan brought folk music into the rock realm. brought the electric guitar into this style of music.
Beatles British rock band during the invasion 1964
John F Kennedy democrat 1960 Irish born in 20th century, charm, wits, good looking and war record. Fresh and young, Roman Catholic, television campaign debate. youngest ever elected president
Betty Frieden author of feminism mystique rejected house maker motivated women to demand greater opportunities and fair treatment
Richard Nixon republican- IKE's up won widespread support
Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK after CA primary in 1968 supported by Palestinians. hated RFK because of his support for Israel serving life sentence
Ho Chi Minh South Vietnam's capital also knows as Saigo
Ngo Dinh Diem Diem was a former government official under the French, Roman Catholic Place as leader to rival
Domino Theory the idea that if Vietnam fell to communism the rest of SE Asia would soon follow like row of dominos
Saigon largest city in the south Vietnam
Hawk people who supports the ware goals criticized the war was being fought arguing more troops and heavier bombing
Napalm jelly gasoline mixture used in fire bombs
Search and Destroy attempt to flush the Vietcong from their hideouts ground forces located and enemy and attacked in air support
Agent Orange most widely used defoliants, sprayed over thousands of acres in effort to expose jungle supply routs and enemy hiding places and rob the victory of food
Ho Chi Min Trail originally was a networks of jungle paths some single through Laos and Cambodia
Dove people who opposed the war, pacifists like MLK believed all the war was wrong weapons said we were fighting against the major of Vietnams wishes
Hanoi major city of north Vietnam capitol
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution American ships had been attacked twice in the Gulf of Tonkin 1964 attack was though to be unprovoked asked for military force from congress to repel any armed attack
Tet Offensive 70,000 VC attacked the US forces at night N. Vietnam attempt to unify efforts with South assault ended and months later 140,000 VC killed military victory for US
Operation Rolling Thunder US bombing campaign against military targets the North Vietnam in 1965 goal was to flush the Vietnamese out
Kent State violence erupted as a result of expansion of the war into Cambodia, ROTC building set on fire, may 4th, 1970
Vietcong members of the rebel force used terrorist tactics to gain control od the countryside
Vietnamization Nixon's plan to end the war turning over the fighting to the south Vietnamese troops US forces would gradually be pilled out
Vietminh created by Ho Chi Minh called the league for the independence for Vietnam in August 1945 US celebrates with Vietnam
Fascism an authoritarian and nationalist right-wing system of government and social organization
Mein Kampf Hitlers book written when in prison. spoke of the problem in Germany and how to solve them
Hideke Tojo Minister of war in Japan that became the facist primer took control in Japan in 1941
Blackshirts followers of Mussolini Marched on Rome and took control used violence to defeat communist and socialist
Prime Minister the head of a elected government the principal minister f the sovereign or state
II Duce
Benito Mussolini founded the facist party to crush the communist movement in Italy
Nazi Party
Francisco Franco Spanish General fascist military leader
Appeasement chamberlain's policy given into the demands of a country to avoid greater conflict. led to WWII and the end of Chamberlin's career
Non-aggression pact temporary alliance between USSR and Germany would invade Poland and divide it with soviet union. surprised many.
Operation Sea Lion Germany's air born invasion into somewhere
Blitzkrieg Lightening war, signature attack of Germany in WWII. attack made with extreme force and speed.
Allied Powers
Rhineland Hitler's first act of aggression. French Territories. no resistance from allies gave Hitler the confident to peruse his plan of territorial expansion.
Axis Powers Unified beliefs in aggression and expansion. Germany, Italy and Japan.
Sudetenland Mountainous region of Czechoslovakia strategic defense territory invaded by Hitler's force. Given to Germany as a result of the Munich conference.
Poland staggered attack by Germany to justify their invasion. allies warn Germany on invasion on Poland would mean war. Germany seized control within weeks. WWII in Europe begins.
Afrika Korps Name of Rommel's forces in the North Africa Campaign
Potsdam Conference Turman learned of the atomic bombs readiness. Turman warned and demands Japanese unconditional
Western Theater Europe and the land around the Metatrianan German U boats controlled the Atlantic limiting the supply lines.
Dwight D Eisenhower Key US General in western theater. led allied forces in North African campaign and Dday
Winston Churchill former British prime minister iron curtain
Maginot Line
Erwin Rommel German general in charge in North Africa known as the Desert Fox. Expert in Desert warfare
Atlantic Charter plan made by allies to stop aggression and peruse post war goal
D-day June 6, 1944 commanded by Dwight d Eisenhower. allies transmitted false information to throw off Germany
Adolf Hitler Hitler committed suicide in his bunker under the ruins of Berlin April 30, 1945
Joseph Stalin soviet dictator fought with allies to defeat a common enemy of Germany
battle of the bulge allies had pushed into Germany. Hitler launched a counter attack
soft underbelly the mediterian region attack on Italy through the island of Sicily
Manhattan Project top secrete plan to develop an atomic bomb scientist began development in 1942 successfully tested in Mexico
Zoot-Suit Riots long jackets pegged pants and wide brimmed hats
Rosie the Riveter the government encouraged women to join the workforce to replace the men departing
Cash-and-Carry Policy policy of us with warring nations newton must pay up front and transport goods on their own ships forward allies
Internment camp prison camps forced relocation of Japanese Americans living on the west coast after the pearl harbor
Franklin Roosevelt believed Americans should become involved in the war
Harry Turman FDR's vice president 1944 FDR died early in his 4th term, Turman would take over to end the war confronted with big and hard decisions
Lend-Lease Act of 1941
Island Hopping allied military strategy to work closer to the suspense main land certain Japanese help islands were seized while others were bypasses
Little Boy
Nagasaki 40,000 died instantly 100,000 died with in a day not a direct hit but still massive damage
Battle of Midway Japanese planned on attacking midway but the US broken their sign code so they prepended for the attacked
Kamikaze Japanese suicide mission young pilots seen as a great honor in their culture reality supply lines cut off huge casualties desperation
Battle of the Coral Sea allied navel victory in which a joint British American naval forces stopped the Japanese advance on Australia
Bataan of Leyte Gulf forced march of allied prisoners on the Bataan peninsula to a Japanese detention camp during which thousands die
Enola Gay name of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb in japan Paul Tibbets (pilot) plan named after mother
Douglas MacArthur vowed to return as he was pushed off the Philippines islands led troops in a series of landing along new guineie seixes islands
Pearl Harbor Americans were shocked and innetediatly united the US declared war on Japan
Kristallnacht Night of broken glass or crystal night beginning of wide spread violence against Jews
Nuremberg Trials war crime trials held to prosecute Reich officials responsible for the holocaust
Anti-Semitism hatred of Jews
Holocaust systematic slaughter of European Jews
Josef Mengele angle of death doctor in charge of medical experiments on Jews
Auschwitz main extermination camp responsible of literally millions of Jews
Ghetto section of city that Jews were sent to until labor camps were completed
"Final Solution" Hitler's recommendation to do with the Jewish question
Nuremberg Laws public policy that gradually striped Jews of there civil rights lost citizenship wore the star of David's weren't allowed to hold political office had curfew and lost personal property
United Nations post war international peace keeper, china, OB, QB, permute peaceful cooperation
Warsaw pact military alliance formed by the soviet union included USSR and Eastern Europe communist leader counter to NATO
George Marshall secretary of state feared Europe was vulnerable to soviet influence believed US should step forward to help
Berlin Blockade berlin occupied by the allied east Germany- USSR controlled east berlins soviet blocked all transportation to berlin didn't want Germany to become strong again USSR tried
Iron Curtain reference made between communist country of eastern Europe and western
Fair Deal Turman idea reforms after the 1948 election full employment higher minimum wages national health insurance program afforded living aid 2 forms expansion of believed benefits many opposed Turman
George Kennan state deptment official and soviet expert advised closer action in dealing with USSR believed its sphere of influence USSR would be methodical taking as few risks us wasn't take action
Cold War competition between the US and SU for global power and influence both believed in spreading their political philosophy
Containment term coined by George Kenman idea that the US should stop the systematic spread od soviet communism US tampered with communist nations the exist in Europe
Satellite nation a country under the control of another soviet enlarge its sphere of influence: East Germany, Poland, Romania, Baltic state
Truman Doctrine US policy of giving military and economic aid to countries resisting communist
NATO North Atlantic tartly Organization included US, Canada Iceland and other military alliance designed for preparedness against USSR
Realpolitik foreign policy belif hat emphasized national security over moral or ethical concerns, Nixon would balance of power
D├ętente a lessening of military and diplomatic tension with the USSR, "thawing" of the cold war
SALT strategic arms limited talks, agreement with the USSR to reduce intercontinental bullishness missiles attempt to improve soviet american relations
Apollo 11 July 20, 1969 landed on the moon "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
OPEC organization of the petroleum exporting countries, mostly middle eastern nations controlled oil prices surged in 1973 1974 due to US's support to Isreal
Watergate Scandal full-scale effort to ensure Nixon's re-election
Camp David Accords Carter's greatest foreign policy successes peace agreement development between Egypt and Israel some Arab fundamentalist didn't agree with the settle meant and continued to fight Israel
Iranian Hostage Crisis Iran help 53 Americans hostage in Iran demanded the return of the Shah from america, April 1980 botched rescue attempt resulted in 8 american deaths
California vs. Bakke supreme court case claimed that Davis met quotes to admit minorities into their med school, Alan Bakke filled suit against the university for admitting students less qualified than home, Davis practiced were found unconstitutional
Roe vs. Wade supreme court case legalized abortion later court decision have allowed restrictions
Richard Nixon Republican president campaigning for re-election in 1972 his legacy was marred bu obsession paranoia and cover ups
Gerald Ford appointed up to Nixon after Agnew resignation sworn in as 38th president became 1st president without election by the people
Jimmy Carter democratic candidate hope for Americans promised an "open" administration that would stay in touch with American people considered an "outsider"
Hennery Kissinger national security ad-visor also would as secretary of state for Nixon foreign ad-visor to Nixon
Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini Islamic leader anti- american became ruler of Iran in the Shah's absence
Neil Armstrong commander of Apollo 11 walk on the moon with Micheal Collins and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
Russell Means American Indian activist involved in 71 day stand off in 1973 at wounded knee led to court cases involving tribal land reform compensation and damages
Silent Majority the middle class american tired of the chaos of the sixties social upheaval Richard Nixon appealed to this group
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