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Chapter 24-27VOCAB

Sahel The region in Africa just south of the Sahara.
Colonialism The system by which countries set up colonies to secure sources of raw materials and markets for their products.
Plateau An area of high, flat land.
Escarment A steep cliff that separates two level areas of differing elevations.
Chaparral A type of natural vegetation that is adapted to Mediterranean climates; small evergreen trees and low bushes, or scrub.
Savanna A tropical grassland with scattered trees, located in the warm lands nearest the Equator.
Oral History History passed down by word of mouth.
Nomadic herding The practice of moving flocks to different pastures throughout the year.
Leaching The dissolving and wash away of nutrients in the soil.
Land Degradation A policy by which land is taken from those who own large amounts and redistributed to those who little or none.
Population Density The average number of people living in a given area.
Delta The land that forms at the mouth of some rivers by soil that is dropped as the rivers slows and enters the sea.
Fellaheen Egyptian peasants.
Sandstorm A windstorm that blows hot air,dust, and grit.
Bazzar An open-air market; a street lined with shops and stalls.
Basin Irragation In Egypt, a system by which water and silt was controlled by embankments and time released to irrigate farmlands.
Reservoir A natural or artificial lake used to collect water for human needs.
Perennial Irrigation An irrigation system that provides necessary water to the land throughout the year.
Capital Wealth in the form of money or property owned or used in business.
Wadi A usually dry riverbed or gully that temporarily holds water from a sudden downpour.
Caravan A large group of merchants who join together to travel in safety.
Medina The old section of a North African city, usually centered around mosque.
Souk A market in an Arab community.
Shifting Agriculture
Deforestation The process of stripping land by it's trees.
Inland Delta
Ancestor Worship
Word Bank
International Monetary Fund
Structural Adjustment Program
Strategic Value
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