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PRE 1 2009-1 (2)

えいけん 9

evaluate to find the value of : 〈…を〉査定する,評価する,値踏みする
retrieve to get and bring back : 〈…を〉取り戻す,回収する.
postpone put off (as an action or event) until a later time : 〈…を〉〔…まで〕延期する,後回しにする
intensify to make or become intense or more intensive : 〈…を〉強める,強烈にする
relegate to remove or dismiss to a less important place : 退ける,左遷する,追放する
conviction a strong belief or opinion : 確信,信念.
shelter something that covers or protects : 避難所; (避難)小屋
combat a fight or contest between individuals or groups : 戦う; 闘争する
salute a fight or contest between individuals or groups : 敬礼する.
shred to cut or tear into small pieces : (細長い)一片,断片,破片.
constitute to appoint to an office or duty; establish : 〈…を〉構成する
certify to guarantee to be true or valid or as claimed or meeting a standard : 〈…ということを〉証明する
broker a person who acts as an agent in the purchase and sale of property : 仲買人
traitor one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty : 反逆者,裏切り者
successor one that follows; especially : a person who succeeds to a throne, title, estate, or office : 後任,後継者,
audible heard or capable of being heard : 聞こえる,聞き取れる.
coarse of ordinary or poor quality : 粗末な,下等な.
prime 1: the first part : the earliest stage : 根本的な,基礎的な 2 : the most vigorous, prosperous : 主要な,主な,
subtle difficult to understand or distinguish : 微妙な,とらえがたい
indigenous produced, growing, or living naturally in a particular region or environment : (ある土地・国に)土着の,原産の.
dispense to give out in shares : 分配する.
infrastructure the underlying foundation or basic framework : (団体・組織などの)下部組織[構造], 基盤
invest INSTALL : to furnish with power or authority : 〈資本・金を〉投資する.
flow to move in a stream : 流れる; 流れ出る,わき出る.
enforce to bring about by force : 実施する,施行する.
moderate avoiding or lacking extremes (as in behavior or temperature) : )節度のある,穏健な
hitch to attach, fasten, or connect (something) with a hook, knot, etc.: 引っかける; (くいなどに)つなぐ
rebel to oppose or fight against a government : 〔政府・権力・慣習などに〕反対する,反抗する,反逆する
lament to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something : 〈…を〉嘆き悲しむ,哀悼する.
preclude to make (something) impossible : to prevent (something) from happening : 〈事を〉起こらないようにする,不可能にする; 排除する.
enchant to attract and hold the attention of (someone) by being interesting, pretty, etc.: 〈人を〉(魔法にかけたかのように)うっとりさせる,〈人の〉心を奪う,魅する
refine to improve (something) by making small changes : 〈言葉・態度などを〉洗練する,上品[優美]にする;
enrol to enter (someone) as a member of or participant in something : 〈人の〉氏名を名簿に載せる,〈人を〉会員にする.
endow to give a large amount of money to a school, hospital, etc., in order to pay for the creation or continuing support of : 〈学校・病院などに〉財産を贈る; 〈学校・病院などの〉基金に寄付する.
console to try to make (someone) feel less sadness or disappointment : 〈人を〉慰める
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