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Chapter 8

The Jefferson Era

Marbury v Madison This established the Supreme Court's power of judicial review which allowed the court to check the power of the legislative and executive branch.
John Adams This Federalist was the second president of the United States
John Marshall This Federalist was appointed by the president to be the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court and was the author of the Marbury v Madison decision.
Judicial Review This is the judicial branch's power to check the other branches by declaring acts of Congress unconstitutional.
Louisiana Purchase The acquisition of this French land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains doubled the size of the United States.
Lewis & Clark Expedition These two men, with the help of the Native American guide Sacagawea, explored the Louisiana Purchase in 1804.
Impressment This is the practice of forcing people to serve in the army or navy.
Embargo This is the banning of trade with a country
Embargo Act This law, made in 1807, prohibited American merchants from trading with other countries.
Non-intercourse Act This law replaced an earlier law and restored trade to all countries except Britain, France and their colonies.
James Madison This man was our 4th president. Prior to that he helped author the Federalist papers.
Andrew Jackson This man, nick named Old Hickory, was our 7th president. Prior to becoming president, he led the Tennessee militia in defeating the Creek Indians.
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