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Chapter 17

25 Questions

What style of art did Renaissance artists use? Perspective
What did Luther criticize in his 95 Theses? indulgences
What was revived in the Renaissance? Greek and Roman knowledge
What is humanism ? the belief that people make society better by reaching their maximum potential
What is vernacular? common language
What is utopia? the idea of a perfect society
Who was William Shakespeare? English poet, considered one of the greatest writers of all time
What is an indulgence? buying your way into heaven
What is the reformation? a religious attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church
what is predestination? the belief that god knows who's going to heaven and hell before you're born
What did john calvin create? Calvinism
Who were patrons? People that supported art with money
What did Leonardo Da Vinci create? the Mona Lisa
What did John Calvin believe? Men and Women were sinful by nature
Who made the council of trent? Paul the third
Who carried out the council of trent? Paul the 4th
What legacy did the reformation leave behind? New christian denominations formed
Why was the time period right for the Northern Renaissance? the Bubonic plague was ending and people could focus more on every day life
Why was the printing press so important? it allowed people to print things faster and for people to learn more
What book was printed the most? the Bible
What did Northern artists more on? religion
What did Northern writers more on? religion
Why was the Northern Renaissance different from Italy? they focused more on religion
What factors led to the beginning of the Renaissance? growing cities, end of bubonic plague and 100 years war
What is a Renaissance woman or man? To be well rounded successful in many different fields or professions
Created by: jmckoy
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