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Words that end with -ism

Commercial Capitalism An economic approach where people trade --creating companies or stores and selling products -- in order to make money
Industrial Capitalism An economic approach where people use factories and mass production to make money.
Socialism A belief that things are better when the government owns businesses, organizes labor, and controls the economy.
Conservatism A belief in keeping things the way they have been; resisting change.
Liberalism A belief that government should not be able to stop people from doing what they want to do, except in very rare circumstances
Nationalism A belief that a group of people's common heritage, including language, customs, and location, should unify them
Militarism A belief that a nation should build its army and use that to become more powerful
Abolitionism A belief and movement to put an end to slavery.
Romanticism A belief that human beings should rely on their heart and emotion more than their brain and reasoning.
Realism A belief that art should portray people, events, and other objects as close to possible as the way they really are.
Feminism A belief that women should have better rights in society, equal to, or better than, men.
Social Darwinism A belief that people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds will never be able to succeed when compared with European cultures.
Modernism Artistic style that changed the traditional approaches to European culture that had been around since the Renaissance
Anti-Semitism Discrimination against Jewish people.
Zionism A belief that Jewish people should have their own country, land they could call their own.
Racism A belief that people of a different color, region, or background are not as important
Imperialism A belief that controlling large amounts of land across the seas would lead to power and wealth
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