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history for real

not a joke

Give 3 examples of traded valuables in the renaissance. tea, silver, gems, spices etc.
Where are some countries that vikings attacked. England, France, Wales, Germany, Ireland etc.
describe 3 things about a viking 'long house' -wooden frame -hung up food and possessions -had a high chair for the head of the house -had benches around the room for seating and sleeping
What does the word 'Viking' translate to. sailors
what was different about viking long boats. they had the same initial design, but could be changes so the proportions were different.
Where did Ferdinand Magellan move to Portugal. So he could get funding from the King.
Why were the crusades important because they forged and shaped the world of today.
What is a primary source a source that is made from that era.
What is a secondary source? a source about the era of study
What is the difference between a primary and secondary source a primary is from the time and secondary is from after the time.
Who was Mohammed a very famous prophet of the Islamic world
Before plundering, how did vikings live? they were simple-living farmers until they started plundering.
What was the key city of the Islamic world Baghdad
What did William the Conqueror bring to England Feudalism
What is Feudalism Feudalism is when the king owns the land, noblemen rent it from him, and the noblemen hire slaves/peasants to do the work.
How many major crusades were there? 7
What was the renaissance? an era where art and literature were popular.
what did the vikings bury with them? boats
Why did the vikings bury themselves with a boat? because it was supposedly going to take them to the afterlife.
What were the boats full of? all the things they would need for the afterlife.
What did the Vikings do to their French captives. marched them of to a pending doom of death or slavery.
What was the original purpose for viking long boats. for fishing and travel.
How where the Muslim and christian worlds different? they had different beliefs
How did the crusades impact society at the time They took many of the men to go and fight and tore the countries in half based on religeon and beleifs.
Why was the Renaissance important to Europe because it brang more trade to Europe and they got more money.
What kind of source is more reliable Primary source.
Emperor Constantine Christian or Muslim? Christian
What was the capital of the western world? Rome
What way did the Muslims go? East
Which way did the Christians go? West
Created by: emmadixon
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