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S. S. Gettysburg

July 1st, 1863 First day of Battle of Gettysburg
The Colors Referred to the flags on the battlefield
Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville 2 Victories in the south that influenced Lee to invade the North
"Largest Battle In..." Bloodiest battle on American soil with 50,000 casualties
Clara Barton Nurse in the Civil War and founded the Red Cross
Honor System Captured soldiers were not allowed to fight until back on their side
Culp's and Cemetery Hills occupied by the Union
Richard Ewell Hesitated to take the hills and replaced Stonewall
George Meade 6th Commander of the Union Army in 1 year
Anonymous Death They won't specifically be remembered
Wig-Wag Battlefield communication based on Morse Code
Daniel Sickles Moved troops too far forward
Old Sawbones Surgeons that amputated people around the clock
5 Border States Kentucky, Missouri, WV, Delaware, Maryland
Pickett's Charge Confederacy had to cross 1,700 yards of open field to get to the Union
Reconnaissance Seeking info.
Manson Dixon Line Line between North and South
Yankee Northern soldier
Flank Perimeter
Calvary Scouters
Innovation Come up with a new idea
Rogue Goes on your own
Notorious Known for doing something bad
Calamity Breaks through
Galant Couragous
Vulenrable Open to attack
Military Intelligence Knowledge about your enemy
Interrogation Question prisoners
Artillery Big, heavy guns
Demoralizing Demolish your hope
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