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outback inland areas of Australia west of the Great Dividing Range
coral reef long undersea structure formed by the tiny skeletons of coral, a kind of sea life
geyser spring of water heated by molten rock inside the earth that, forms time to time, shoots hot water into the air
high island mountains island in Pacific Ocean formed by volcanic activity
atoll circular shaped islands made of coral
continental island island formed centuries ago by the rising and folding of the ocean floor due to tectonic activity
ice shelf thick layer of ice that extends above the water
iceberg huge piece of floating ice that broke off from an ice shelf or glacier and fell into the sea
marsupial mammals that carry their young in a pouch
eucalyptus tree found only in Australia and nearby islands that is well suited to dry conditions with leathery leaves deep roots, and ability to survive when rivers flood
pasture gasses and other plants that are ideal feed for grazing animals
breadfruit fruit from a tree of the same name that is a basic food in Oceania
lichen tiny sturdy plants that grow in rocky areas
boomerang flat, bent wooden tool of the Australian Aborigines that is thrown to stun prey when it strikes them and that sails back to the hunter if misses its target
trust territory area temporarily placed under control of another country
station cattle or sheep ranch in rural areas
pidgin language language formed by combining parts parts of several different languages
action song art form that arose in New Zealand in the 1900's and bends tradition dance with modern music
fale traditional Samoa home that had no walls, opening the inside to cooling ocean breezes
poi paste made in Oceania from the mashed tubers of the taro plant
lawsuit legal action in which people ask for relief from some damage done to them by someone else
merino breed of sheep known for especially fine wool
kiwifruit small fuzzy, brownish-colored fruit with bright green flesh
copra dried coconut meat
linugua franca common language used for communication and trade
fa'a Samoa Samoan way of life, which puts a heavy emphasis on living in harmony with the community and the land
habitat type of environment in which a particular animal species live
extinction complete disappearance form Earth of a particular kind of plant or animal
krill tiny shrimp like sea creatures that provide food to whales and many other sea animals
ozone gas that forms a layer around the Earth in the atmosphere; it blocks out many of the most harmful rays from the sun
Created by: Emma Conner
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