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People, Places, Things

John Muir Father of Environmentalism Sierra Club - preservation
Patrick Geddes Father of Regional Planning
George Norris Tennessee Valley Authority
Edward Bassett Modern housing codes Tenement house laws
George Perkins Marsh Conservation Man & Nature
Clarence Arthur Perry Neighborhood Unit Concept - distance people can walk
Harland Bartholomew City Planning First Planner - Newark
Ian McHarg Environmental Movement Mapping Design with Nature
Daniel Burnham City Planning Chicago Plan - with Bennet City Beautufl Monumental Design
Pierre L'Enfant Monumental Design
Baron Haussmann Paris- influence plan of Chicago
Frederick Law Olmsted Central Park Riverside, IL - garden suburb
Ebenezer Howard Garden City
Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. Forest Hills Gardens - neighborhood unit concept President AICP
Alfred Bettman President APCO Euclid Cincinati (first comp plan)
Clarence Stein Sunnyside Gardens - garden city
Le Corbusier La Ville Contemporaine- utopianism Radiant City - modernism
Lewis Mumford Regional Planning
Catherine Bauer Housing
William Whyte Greenways Conservation Easements Environmental psychology & sociology in urban design
Kevin Lynch Imageability - people understand layout of a place
Charles Limbloom Incrementalism Science of Muddling Through
Frank Lloyd Wright Broadacre City - utopianism
Ernest Burgess Concentric Theory
Homer Hoyt Sector Theory
Harris & Ullman Multiple Nuclei Theory
Walter Christaller Central Place Theory
Riverside, IL Frederick Law Olmsted & Calvert Vaux Garden Suburb
Columbia, MD James Rouse New Town
Mariemont, OH Mary Emery & John Nolen Forshawdowed New Urbanism
Sunnyside Gardens Clarence Stein & Henry Wright Garden City
Radburn, NJ Clarence Stein & Henry Wright Garden City
Reston, VA Simon New Town
Park Forest, IL Manilow, Sweet, Klutznick Mass-produced suburb
Llewelyn Park, NJ Alexander Jackson Davis Garden Suburb
Simon Satisficing
Krumholz Transactive Planning
Calthrope Congress for New Urbanism
Pennsylvania Coal v Mahron Takings if regulation goes to far' regulatory taking
Agins v City of Tiburorn Takings taking has occurred unless regulation 'substantialy advances' governmetn intrest
Loretto v Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp Takings perment phiscal occupation automatic taking
Nollan v California Costal Commission Takings essential nexus
First English Evangelical Church v County of Los Angels Takings denial of all economic use is a taking
Lucas v South Carolina Costal Commission Takings denial of all economic use is a taking
Dolan v Tigard Takings rough proportionality
Suitum v Tahoe Regional Planning Commission Takings ripness doctrine (owner has sought all other forms of refle prior to judical review). Not attemping TDR not ripe.
City of Monterey v Del Monte Dunes Takings jury can determine if a taking has occurred
Berman v Parker Takings upheld eminent domain for asthetics and redevleopment
Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council v Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Takings upheld moratorium
Kelo v New London Takings upheld eminent domain for economic development
Lingle v Chevron USA Takings removed the 'substanitaly advacnes' test. Limited eminent domain to physical curcumstances. Planning furthers public intrest.
Hadacheck v Sebastian Police Power upheld ban on brick manufacturing
Village of Euclid v Amber Reality Co Police Power upheld zoning
Golden v. Planning Board of Ramapo growth management based on provision of facilities
Fasano v. Board of County Commissioners of Washington County zoning consistent with comp plan
Young v. American Mini Theaters, Inc regulation of sexually oriented business upheld
Metromedia, Inc. v. City of San Diego upheld free speech; cannot differentiate between commercial/noncommercial
Created by: dcald
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