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Abraham Lincoln 16th president wrote Emancipation Proclaimation
Emancipation Proclaimation Freed slaves in rebelling states
Reform Changes to make society better
Hiram Rhodes Revels First Black to be a senator in U.S.
Daniel Webster Senator from Massachusetts supported Union
Hudson River School Group of painters focused on landsacpe
Lincoln- Douglas Debate Debate between Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas about slavery
Jefferson Davis President of CSA
Frederick Douglass Former slave Newspaper North Star
Philip Bazar Navy man who was awarded the Medal of Honor during the Civil War
Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Toms Cabin
Dred Scott vs Sanford Determined slaves were property no matter where they go in the U.S.
John James Audubon Published Birds of America
Battle Hymn of The Republic Glory, Glory, Halleluiah
54th Regiment 1st African American regiment
Fort Sumter First battle of Civil War
William Carney First African American to receive Medal of Honor
Appomattox Court House Civil War ended here
Time Period of the Civil War 1861- 1865
Henry David Thoreau Transcendentalism, writer
13th, 14th, and 15th Ammendments 13- ended slavery, 14- citizenship and equal rights 15- right to vote regardless of race
John Brown Raid of Harper's Ferry
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Seneca Falls Convention
Comp. 1850 Temp. end to free/slave states
Sojurner Truth Abolitionist and Women's rights activist Former slave
Battle of Gettyburg and Gettyburg Address Turning point in Civil War
Fugitive Slave Law Runaway slaves have to be returned
Abolition Movement movement to get rid of slavery
Stonewall Jackson Strong CSA leader
Temperance Movement Stop alcohol
Ulysses S. Grant Commander of Union, 18th President
Robert E. Lee Commander of Confederate Army
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