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world geography midd

most common spoken language in the middle east? Arabic
what is the angel name that spoke through God to Mohammad? Gabriel
T/F The Egyptians invented the wheel and the sail F The sumerians invented them
A person who knew how to write during ancient civilizations was referred to as a____. scrib
T/F The Egyptians placed organs in canopic jars. T
What is the name of the Holy book of Islam? koran
What word is used as a muslim Holy war? Jihad
A chapter in the koran. sura
What is the 2nd largest city in the middle east? Istanbul, turkey
What term is hatred of the Jewish race? antisemitism
What is the largest ethnic group? Arabs
What is the source of shuria? the koran
what city in saudi arabia that means city of the prophets? medina
What is known as a muslim place of worship? Mosque
How many times of day do they pray? five
What is the largest peninsula in the world? Arabian peninsula
The Holy month of Islam is called what? Ramadah
The muslim word for God. Allah
How many days does it take to officially make a mummy? 70
What is the 1st official writing system called? cuneiform
What Muslim caliph ordered the writing of the koran? Abu Bakr
What Muslim caliph was assassinated? Ali
How many continents are in the middle east? 3
Largest ethnic group without a home Kurds
Who deciphered hieroglyphics? (egyptian written language) Jean Francois Champollion 1821
Why is it difficult to decipher? It reads in all different directions.
The muslim calender places year one at the _____. The journey of mohammad from mecca to medina
Muhammad's wifes name is _____. Khadya
What are the three major religions that originated in the middle east? Jewish, Christianity, and Islam
How many countries are there in the middle east? 19
What is the book of the dead? A cheat sheet for spirits
What is the current population in the middle east? over 400 million
What city has the highest population? cairo, egypt (17,000,000)
What is the major resource found in the middle east? oil
What is the four major resources in the middle east? oil, salt, iron, and copper
What are some of the major languages spoken throughout the middle east? Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Azeri, and luri
what is yathrib the city that mohammad took his followers to.
Define hejira (hegira) migration of followers
Those who did not worship one god were called ___. hanifs
who deciphered cuneiform?(sumerian written language) Sir Henry Rawlinson
The earliest known written laws were called___. Hammurabis code
The sumerian marketplace is called bazaar
Created by: regan31