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Last history test

Beginning of a new Era

United Nations 50 nations established U.N. in San Francisco, and the headquarters was located in New York City.
Proletariat The working class.
Bourgeoisie Owners of capital
Russian Revolution Changed their names from bolsheviks to communists
U.S. policy of containment the blocking of soviet and communist influence
Marshall Plan George Marshall proposed aid to all European nations which cost $12.5 billion.
Truman Doctorine Greece and Turkey were in danger of becoming communist. Truman asked congress for $400 million in aid.
Fission Splitting of nucleus of an element
Fussion Combining of two nuclei to form a heavier one.
Chain Reaction Rapid multiplying chain of nuclear fission.
Atom bombs fission
Hydrogen bombs fussion
McDonald's Franchise Founder Ray Kroc
De jure segregation racial separation forced by specific laws
De facto segregation racial separation that occurs "as a matter of fact" by housing patterns or school enrollment.
Jackie Robinson 1947, Brooklyn Dodgers, became a civil rights leader.
Josh Gibson Rumored to have signed contract with Pittsburgh pirates in 1943, but voided by commissioner. 962 home runs.
ICMB Intercontinental ballistic missile. (lifted sputnik)
Sputnik Soviets had the capability to deliver nuclear warheads anywhere in the world
U2 spy plane Out of the range of Russian missiles. Provided the U.S. very valuable intelligence info.
Malcolm X Name is Malcom Little. Militant civil rights leader, ballot or bullet.
Slogan Black Panther
Stokely Carmichael Participated in Freedom Rides CORE to desegregate bus station restaurants. Was also once a member of The Black Panther
Irene Morgan Was asked to give up her seat for a white lady and man. Supreme court ruled that segregation law on interstate travel was illegal.
James Meredith Went to Ole' Miss. Went to enroll on campus but Gov. Barnett said no. JFK sent federal marshals to university, riots broke out. He eventually went to university under protection of federal marshals.
Medgar Evers NAACP leader. Shot in the driveway of his own house. someone finally guilty in 1994.
Korean War Japan surrendered to Soviets. North Korea had an advantage. Had a bigger military. North Korea invaded South Korea. MacArthur ordered to cross 38th parallel to reunite Korea. China warned would not stand by and let Americans near its border.
Ethel and Julius Rosenburg Members of the American Communist Party. Accused of providing info to Soviets charged with espionage. They were found guilty and died in the electric chair.
McCarthysim McCarthy made accusations against the army. He lost most of his credibility.
Brown V. Topeka Board of Education Attacked discrimination in Kansas, South Carolina, Virginia, and Delaware. Linda Brown, Chief Justice Earl Warren.
Eugene "Bull" Connor Police commissioner, Birmingham, Freedom Rider.
James Earl Ray Killed Martin Luther King at Lorraine Motel.
Civil Rights Act Bars voter discrimination, no discrimination in public places, desegregate public facilities, withholding federal funds, no job discrimination, equal employment
Southern Manifesto 90 southern congressmen called on states to resist desegregation "by all lawful means."
Long Island New York Suburbs Suburban America took shape. End of WWII.
Freedom Riders Members of CORE test integrated bus laws in Deep South. Significance is nation observed.
Key Individuals Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin
Father of Communism Karl Marx
Harry S. Truman thought of as "uncultured hick."
Iron Curtain Speech Vinston Churchill
Berlin Airlift 327 days British and U.S. planes airlifted supplies into Berlin. Over 277,000 flights.
NATO All countries promised that an attack on one would be regarded as an attack on all. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization.)
"Old Soldiers never Die, They Just Fade Away" Wanted to use atomic weapons in China. Bad idea because of pact with Soviet Union. MacArthur bad-mouthed Truman until he was fired. 38th parallel was established as border between North and South Korea.
Korean Casualties 1 million South Koreans, 3 million North Koreans, 2.5 million civilians
HUAC Focused on movie industry. (House Comm on Un-American activities.)
The Hollywood Ten Individuals not cooperating with HAUC. Many people blacklisted.
Whittaker Chambers Made charges that Alger Hiss was a "secret communist."
November 1st, 1952 First hydrogen bomb exploded.
Policy of Brinkmanship Many of the tests were conducted with Marshall Islands and in Nevada.
Bikini Islands Chosen to help determine effect of atomic bombs on American warships. Bikini islands inhabited by native tribes.
The Plight of the Islanders Inhabitants were sent to islands 125 miles away. Problem was food supply was inadequate. They were finally allowed to move back to native islands
Cold War Tensions Stalin dies, Nikita Khrushchev takes over.
Warsaw Pact Eastern European nations
Suez Canal Great Britain and U.S. agreed to help Egypt build a new canal.
Invaded Egypt Great Britain, France, and Israel.
William Levitt Levittown- Long Island, New York. Wanted to build affordable mass produced homes.
Truman's Fair Deal Health insurance, raising minimum wage, and housing units for low income families.
Southern Resistance Many states in the "Deep South" resisted desegregation.
The Little Rock Nine Arkansas gov. ordered the National Guard to turn away 9 black students. Federal courts ruled to desegregate.
Rosa Parks Arrested, led to Bus Boycott. Moved to Detroit.
Montgomery Bus Boycott Started in December 1955, Led by Reverends. 90% of black community didn't ride. King and Nixon's houses bombed. King arrested on anti-boycott charges. Declared unconstitutional
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Doctorate by age 26. Joined SCLC became president. CORE.
Birmingham, Alabama Most segregated "big" city in the south.
I have a dream Washington D.C. two weeks later, bombing at baptist church killed 4 girls.
Black Power Groups like CORE and SNCC start to become more militant and develop more black pride.
Black Panthers formed in C.A. Made many whites uncomfortable
Black Panther Slogan Power flows out of the barrel of the gun.
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference
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