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Chapter 8 & 9

4th Grade History

Which country built forts along the Ohio River? France
In which country were most colonists farmers? England
Which country allowed only Catholics to come to America? France
Which country sent George Washington to Fort LaBoef? England
Which country became the most powerful and important after the war? England
Which country was interested in fur trading? France
Which country's colonists represented many religions? England
In which country were most of the settlers unmarried men? France
Which country had colonists settle in Canada? France
Which country's colonists brought along their families? England
Who was a Baptist pastor who worked to give America religious freedom and talked about separation of church and state? Isaac Backus
Who was the famous English preacher who started the Methodist church? John Wesley
Who was the great Puritan minister who was one of the first leaders of The Great Awakening? Johnathan Edwards
Who was the indian who helped David Brainard preach the gospel? Tattamy
Who was a good friend of George Whitefield, a great American inventor and states person? Ben Franklin
Who was The Great Awakening preacher who came to America from England 7 times to preach the gospel? George Whitefield
Who was the famous English general who was killed in the French and Indian War? Edward Braddock
Who was the young missionary who gave his life to take the gospel to the Indians? David Brainerd
what was the spiritual revival that took place in America in the 1700's the great aawakening
who served as president of prineton Jonathon edwerds
Most Indians chose to fight against which country in the French and indian war england
an important French settlement was built along the BLANK river st. laurence
Created by: smart614